Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday the scariest thing that I have ever been through took place.

Peanut was truly worn out after our fun days with the cousins. On Thursday we spent the day with Gigi and Mimi. That night she went right to bed with no fussing and was out before I even left her room! At midnight we heard her wake up and cry. We both agreed that it was not the normal waking up and crying sound but one of fear. I went to get her and realized she was so hot and had a temperature. It was 102.8. After calling Papa who is an ER nurse and supervisor at a local hospital, I gave her some Motrin and we snuggled in bed together. She slept through until morning and hardly stirred when I got up.
Sick Baby
Now we were supposed to be taking care of my BFF's kids all weekend while she finished up at basic training in Texas. So in the morning I decided to take Peanut to the Doctor to see if whatever was going on was contagious even though her temp was back to normal. I suspected she would have an ear infection but it ended up being a virus of some sort and she was contagious. Thankfully the girl who already had BFF's kids was able to watch them longer. (Thank you!) We spent the day just resting and watching movies. Around 1:15 pm I noticed she felt hot again, so I took her temp and it was 101.5. We gave her some Tylenol and at 1:30 Daddy left for work.
I thought about taking her up to her crib for a nap but then decided we could just cuddle on the floor. (I believe this was Divine Intervention because I always put her in her crib for her nap. I am a sleep Nazi.) Instead we spread a blanket on the floor and Peanut got the pillows from the couch. We laid down and started watching a movie. Just a few minutes into the movie I noticed she rolled onto her side and looked like she was falling asleep. I glanced again and noticed she was moving her arm strangely and had a funny look in her eye. I moved closer to see what she was doing and realized she was having a seizure.

I thought I had experienced panic before in my life but realized I had not because what filled my entire being had to be sheer panic, something I had never felt before in my life. I moved her to her side. She felt totally stiff as her little body shook. It was awful! Then she went limp and her eyes rolled back into her head and her lips were blue and she was drooling. Everything I had learned in CPR went flying right out of my mind in that moment. I called 911 and realized I was shaking so bad I could hardly dial the number. The woman on the other end was completely calm and reassuring. At this point Peanut was unresponsive to me. Slowly she began to open her eyes and quietly she said, "CeCe." I knew she was ok because she talks nonstop about her cousin Cece! I called Daddy and told him to get home FAST. (He told me he was also in a panic and almost did a u-turn right in the lane he was in but realized he would be heading into traffic! And then one of the roads he was on had a semi sitting across it, so he had to go through a yard and driveway to get aroudn it!) I heard the sirens and knew help was coming. The EMTs and a policeman arrived. One of the EMTs was a friend we had gone to church with and he was so reassuring about everything. I was still feeling panicky and crying. Peanut was completely unaware of these 3 uniformed men in our living room as she was exhausted and couldn't keep her eyes open. They had me call our family doctor's office who said to bring her right in and they would see her. The EMTs waited until Daddy got home, then they left after offering to follow us to the doctor's office.

We rushed to the doctor's office with our sleeping little girl and they let us right in. He checked her out completely and reassured us that she was fine. The seizure was fever induced, a febrile seizure. Her temperature at that point was 102.5. He assured us that she didn't need any tests run. He said that if she had had the seizure without a trigger like the fever then they would be concerned and run tests to check it out. So the positive side is that we don't have to worry about anything being wrong with her and she will outgrow these. The negative side is that anytime she has a fever, we can run the risk of her having more seizures. Both Papa and her Daddy had them when they were small. If there is a family history of them, the chances are higher for a child to have them but only 2-4% of children have them. I will certainly be pushing the Tylenol and Motrin now whenever I even think her temperature is rising!

We brought Peanut home and held her closer and tighter, thankful, so very thankful that she was ok. She did not look or act like herself for the rest of the night. Her color was bad and her eyes just looked different. She was also a mess....crying so easily and falling or tripping numerous times. I'm sure her body ached, she probably had a headache and it just seemed that her equilibrium was off. We put cool washcloths on her and gave her Motrin. This all helped her temp come down pretty quickly after we got home. We spent most of our time on the floor cuddling. At bedtime she and I went to bed together. I couldn't bear the thought of putting her in her crib for the whole night alone.

She did fine all night and hasn't run a temperature since yesterday afternoon. Today she seems to be feeling much better but is still so tired. She kept falling asleep at lunch so now she is tucked into her crib for a good nap. I prayed for her before putting her down and gave her another dose of Motrin as a preventive measure as it was difficult for me to put her in her crib. I just keep picturing the seizure over and over. It was awful. BUT she sleeps best in her crib, and she needs sleep. Today I am thankful for 911, EMT's, compassionate doctors, speeding Daddy, caring grandparents, aunts, and cousins and fever reducing medicine!

Thank you, Lord for keeping our little girl safe!


Lisa said...

I am so glad the peanut is okay. We have been praying for her and for you since we heard the news. Looking forward to meeting you in person =)


Owl mama said...

Praying for you all... and glad Cora seems to be doing a little better...

Julie said...

Mindy! My heart skipped a beat when I saw your facebook status last night! I'm so glad you posted the details here. I completely know how you feel. Jacob's first febrile seizure was when his temp was 105.8 and rising...He started seizing in my arms so I quick taking the temp. I freaked, threw the phone to Matt and screamed to call 911. We actually ended up going to the hospital by EMS that time (and more times later) but we've now been seizure free since April 2, 2007. Jacob was put on anti-seizure meds since his kept going, but he is now off of them! :) It is so scary when it happens, so don't feel bad about panicking! I still don't believe the doctors that tell me these seizures don't harm them. I just pray they are right! Keep the Motrin in her :) Any hint of a fever and we gave it to Jacob. Please let me know if you ever want to talk to someone else who has been through it. Let's just hope hers was an isolated event! We'll be praying for you!

Joy ☺ said...

I can't handle this. This is over the top for me. My heart was racing while I read this post. I had heard from my doctor that seizures are very common when a child runs a high temperature but I never had to experience it. I don't believe I would have known what to do.
I'm so glad she's okay! I need to breathe for a minute and get my heart back to normal.