Monday, June 09, 2008

Storms and Words

Riding with Papa

Peanut has added many new words to her vocabulary.

Dedo = Jello
Mow = This is now what she calls all cats.
Tow = Cow
Moo = What a cow says
Tane Oo = Thank you!
Buh Bye = She says this as good bye and also when we are going somewhere, we are going bye, bye.
Hieee = Hi
Papa = Kevin's Dad and possibly my dad
Baby = Her favorite word and thing these days!
Appoo = Apple and used interchangeably for other fruits.
Nana = Banana and used interchangeably for other fruits.
Nye Nye = Night Night
Mama, Mom, Mommy = Mom
Dada = Dad
Mimi = Not sure if this is what she calls Grandma Danner
Tratur = Tractor
Tay= Okay
Boo = Blue
Noe = Nose
Pay = Play
Weuhl = Wheel
And of course....PeePee!

Which leads me into something that I am dreading. I dread this even more than I dreaded Cora's labor and delivery. I dread this more than a root canal. I dread this more that no Office and Lost for the WHLOE summer. POTTY TRAINING!!! Peanut is very aware of what is going on in her diaper. She tells me when she has gone. Anyone within earshot is very excited for me, as they always say, "She tells you? That's great! Are you potty training yet?" NOOOOOO, I am not. I am a horrible mother who does not want to potty train. I will pay any of you to come do it for me. I guess I need to see if there is a book titled The Idiot's Guide to Potty Training or Potty Training for Dummies. There probably is. I don't know what my deal is but this does not sound fun at all. Frankly, I think she will do fine. It's not her I am worried about, it is me. My goal is to work on it this summer. A friend told me to put her in panties and work incessantly on it for 3 days AND since we have carpet to lock Peanut and myself in the kitchen. I guess I could clean out cabinets and scrub the kitchen, but I don't think that will take 3 days. Ha! I need prayer. I need you all to get on your knees right now and PRAY! Pray for this Mama because she doesn't want to enter the potty training world. I mean come on, she's not even 2 yet. I think we should wait until at least the summer before kindergarten, don't you? HA!
So onto our big lives and what we have been up to. Peanut and I were well entertained by Dobbie this weekend. She is so so so so good to us. We had a ball. Friday we went shopping. Finally I have some new clothes for summer. It's not good when you enter a season with one outfit that you feel ok in. Now I have 2. Ha! Peanut got some summer pjs so she won't have to wear her winter ones in this awful muggy heat anymore. They are really cute.
We also spent Sunday with her. We went to brunch and hit a shoe store. Peanut is certainly all girl as she was almost giddy about all of the cute shoes that I tried on her feet. She kept trying to show the shoes off. When we were all finished and ready to go, she had plopped back down, took off her shoe, and was trying to try on a little white patent leather shoe! That's my girl! We hung out at Dobbie's house all afternoon and evening. She and I LOVE the cake challenge shows on Food Network and she had taped one of the Disney Cake Challenges so we watched that. Those shows make me very anxious and nervous! Cake decorating sure has come a long way!
On Saturday Peanut and I spent the evening at a small festival that was held downtown. We listened to a Celtic band, ate homemade ice cream and even learned how to Contra Dance. We also ran into many friends that we had not seen in quite some time. That is always refreshing. It was a fun time together.
Festival Festival

We have had some scary weather here the past week. Wednesday night Daddy, Peanut and I spent quite some time in our basement as the weather was looking pretty bad. It was a rough night of sleep for us all but the storms moved through fast and without any damage to our area. Some towns to our southwest had hail the size of baseballs! Even now the sky is getting dark and look pretty menacing. I hope we make it through this stormy patch without any problems.
This morning we had some friends over for a play date. They have a new little baby and Peanut was in heaven! All she wanted to do was hold the baby, look at him, and touch him.

Friends Friends

That is where we're at and what we're up to. Here is one final picture to share with you.
Nap time?
Peanut LOVES "trators" and both her grandpas take her on trator rides. At Grandpa Danner's on Wednesday, I got to Peanut on her trator ride. She gets to be pulled in the wagon behind and she was so tired. At one point she looked like she was going to fall over, so I laid her down in the wagon and she almost fell asleep like this BUT we ran out of gas. She ended up falling asleep on me while swinging.


the back door said...

one more piece of advice...sometimes it just happens.

really - with princess i was so not ready! mapboy was still having major issues at 4! there was no way i wanted to start the process all over again. but in 2 short weeks princess was all done. and really all of her own free will:)

Joy ☺ said...

I LOVE all of Cora's words! Love it love it!
I don't want to potty train Dawson so you can have him this summer while you work on Cora. ha ha!
Love the update. I'll get one posted soon, I've been crazy busy!
Oh and check your email!
Love and kisses!

Matt, Julie, Rebecca & Jacob said...

Becca wasn't too horribly hard to potty train, but she waited until after 3! Then we used a rewards chart and that worked great. I'm freaking out about PTing Jacob! I don't think I'm up to that challenge yet. I'm hoping to wait until I return from the Dominican. I can only imagine what would happen while I'm gone! Good luck!

Colleen said...

If you find someone who makes potty training house calls please give me their email address! :) Actually as messy as it sounds, and it is as messy as it sounds, just getting rid of diapers and putting them in underwear does seem to work. I avoided that for a long time, because I didn't want to deal with the clean up. But I gave in an tried it this week, and have had more success with this than any other method. Good Luck!