Thursday, June 19, 2008


Dump Truck
I just put Peanut down for a much needed nap. With it being summer I have gotten a bit inconsistent with her sleep schedule which makes for some long, whiny nights by her and I. Ha! Her bedtime has become 9 pm for now. She still sleeps between 11-12 hours a night so I am grateful for that but without those afternoon naps or going to bed later than 9 pm it can make for a cranky child. I know that her crankiness is so mild but it really throws me when she is cranky. She is so even tempered. I am so thankful that we have a good sleeper.

Anyways...we had to make a Wal-Mart run to pick up things for homemade strawberry freezer jam and were running a bit late for the nap. I threw together a quick lunch for her. As she sat in her high chair I started conversing with her and the word honey came up. She started saying it over and over. So cute! She is saying new words almost daily.
Bounty of Strawberries
The strawberries came from Grandpa Danner's house. We helped him pick them from his strawberry patch on Wednesday and he sent the whole lot home with us! Yeah for Mama! I am making jam and freezing some. We love strawberries! We also helped Grandpa weed the garden. Thankfully it was a very mild and cool day so it wasn't too bad.

She is donning a small pony tail today too. Her hair is so long especially when it is wet and combed out. As it dries the back turns into the cutest little ringlets. I hope, hope, hope that she keeps those.
Peanut spent some time at our local park this week. One day we had a play date with our little friend who just turned 2 and another day she went down with Daddy so I could run to JoAnne's and get some fabric to make her a tote. (Refer to to see the tote.)

She also had fun with watercolor paints. Daddy thinks we should frame her first masterpiece.
Watercolors Watercolors
Peanut has started doing somersaults all by herself. She started on Monday and has been doing them all week! She is so proud of herself and of course we think it is the cutest thing in the world.

I told you in a previous post that Peanut likes shoes...well it has grown into an obsession now. She adores her shoes and is always sorting through her shoe basket for a pair to put on or putting on ours. Her favorites are her blue crocs because she can put them on all by herself. She even likes to wear the grandparents' shoes when we are at their houses. She put Dobbie's shoes on the other night and Papa informed me that was definitely something that needed to be documented on our camera as he was cracking up over it. Ha!
Dobbie's Shoes Dobbie's Shoes

And I think we finally are calling each grandparent by a separate title.
Daddy's Mom is Dobbie. Peanut just started calling her Bobbie yesterday! Dobbie was thrilled as were we!
Daddy's Dad is Papa. Peanut has had this one down for a while.
Mama's Mom was going to be Grandma but Peanut on her own started calling her Mimi.
Mama's Dad was going to be Grandpa but Peanut couldn't say that so we picked Gigi...which is what I called him for a long time when I was a little girl.
So we have Bobby and Papa and Gigi and Mimi.
Sand Box
Peanut also has started to say, "Tay," for okay after we ask her a question. She nods her head and says, "Tay!" It is sooooooo cute.
Lastly if you could remember my friend who is in basic training in prayer. I got to talk to her last night for the first time since she left for maybe 5 minutes. She sounded pretty miserable. The temperature is 118 degrees, her feet have blisters on them, and she developed cellulitis in one of her feet. Her group left this morning at 3 AM for a 10 day field training. She will be back on the base for 3 days then turn around and head back out to the field for 3 weeks! And to top it all off today is her birthday! I know she and her family would appreciate all the prayers they can get.

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Joy ☺ said...

I miss Cora! Okay, I miss you too, but we really need to get together soon or I may go thru withdrawal and need rushed to a hospital, Tay?
I love that she's obsessed with shoes! too cute (though it may become expensive ha ha!)
I can't wait to hear her talk!
Lotsa Love!