Sunday, June 29, 2008


Road Trip
Peanut and I just got back this morning at 2 AM from a trip with Dobbie. We went to visit Daddy's sister's family for a couple of days. It was so good to see them and spend time with them. The very best part of the trip was seeing Peanut hit it off so well with her cousins. Daddy's sister who I will refer to as SIL for sister-in-law has 3 beautiful girls who are 9 years old, 8 years old (on Monday), and 2 and a half years going on 16. (All of our kids are gorgeous in this family. I remember when I was pregnant with Peanut thinking, "What am I going to do if I have the homely kid? Ha! No worries there now! HeeHee!) Peanut adores kids and to have these 3 girls all to herself was Heavenly!
Road Trip
SIL's family is getting ready to move into a rental house next door to their current home while their new house is being built. We spent time helping her clean the rental house and move some things over to it also. It was so hot and muggy so it was hard to keep working in the heat. This allowed for us to do some other things too. We visited SIL's new property where their house will be built, went out for pizza, and let the kids play together in the backyard. I can say my very favorite thing was to watch my own daughter connect with her cousins. It was great. We live almost 5 hours away so we don't see each as often as we all would like. So these times together are always cherished especially now that we have our own child. Family is so important!
Road Trip
The middle girl's birthday is on Monday so we decided to take her birthday shopping on Saturday before we left, but alas it was not meant to be. We ate at Subway quick and the oldest girl was not feeling very good at this point but we pressed on. Then on the way to shopping, SIL pulled over and said her vehicle was not running well. We headed back to her house and realized we wouldn't be going shopping because it was a serious problem and the oldest girl had a temperature. Dobbie and I felt so bad about the predicament that instead of heading home we went birthday shopping and dropped a big gift bag off for all the girls before heading back home. Heehee! They were surprised and excited.
Road Trip
Now as I said before, the trip should only take around 5 hours. We left SIL's at 6PM and got home at 2AM. We may have stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel, shop at Kohl's, get snacks at Speedway, make a coffee stop, and take a wrong turn....BUT hey, we made it home safe and sound with much giggling! We had a great time and Peanut did very well considering the hours spent in her carseat.

So now for pictures....
The girls!
This is the 9 year old cousin....She carried Peanut all over the place.
Road Trip

Here is our 8 year old cousin (officially 8 on Monday). She let Peanut and I sleep in her bed. So nice!
Road Trip

And here is the 2 1/2 year old going on 16 cousin. She is a wild woman. She informed her mama that her nickname is "Princess" and will only wear princess dresses more pants or shorts.
Road Trip

Aren't they beautiful? They get it from their mama! (It's a mobile pic so it is small...sorry!)
Loving Aunt Leah!

Peanut is especially taken with the 2 1/2 year old. She learned many secret tricks of being a toddler from her. She has older sisters so she learned early! :) Here are some things they did together.
Jewelery for the royal highnesses....
Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip

Pretend sleeping...this did not last long.
Road Trip

The older girls were so good with Peanut too!
Road Trip

Road Trip

They will be here to visit us along with our Southern cousins in a few weeks. We can NOT wait. Oh, the fun Peanut will have when ALL her cousins are here. I sure wish we all lived closer to each other!

Thank you Dobbie so much for taking us. We love our road trips with you. There is always something to laugh at. We love you!

And now to close....a few favorite pics of Peanut from this past week. Don't any of you DARE comment on how grown up she is starting to look because she is NOT!!!! You're just imagining it.
Cheeser Cheeser



Joy ☺ said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at "i hope i don't have the homely one" comment that i peed. You are too funny. And Cora-kins is so stinking cute!
Don't you miss me? I mean, I'm practically FAMILY right? So when is it MY turn to hang out and play?
Oh, and the next time you and Dobbie take a road trip, can I come? My car always: stops for snacks, makes wrong turns, guzzles coffee and shops at Kohl's.

Anonymous said...

We hate living away! Looks like every one had fun! We can't wait to come to the Indiana Flick HQ! 18 days until we leave! We should be there Sat. July 19th.