Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Another fun and busy week. No potty training yet for those of you who were wondering. Ha! That's all I have to say about that.
Tuesday we had our good friends over for lunch. It was kind of a sad lunch because it was the last time that I will get to see my friend for over 6 weeks. She will be flying to Army basic training on Sunday morning. She and her family were actually leaving from our house to head to TN for her hubby's brother's wedding. There are many times when we do not see each other for weeks on end but I always know that she is just a half hour away. I didn't let myself think about the distance that will be between us in the next 6 weeks. We basked in our time together and with our families before we had to say good-bye. Peanut and I are praying for her and her family each night before bedtime! (We love you! I know that without a doubt the Lord will get you, hubby and the kids through this hard time. So go do your sit-ups, push-ups and run your heart out! :) I know she and her family would appreciate all of your prayers also. You can follow her blog here, but bear in mind she may not have much time to update it with her busy Army schedule.
Friends Friends Friends

So a few blogs back, I told you that my wonderful mother-in-law surprised me with a sewing machine. Yeah! I have lots of plans for it if I can just figure out what a bobbin is and how to turn it on. Haha! I have a great teacher so I am not worried. Peanut and I spent the day with Dobbie yesterday and I picked a pattern for a bag to make and picked the material out of her quilt shop stash. I got it cut out and the interfacing ironed on the pieces but THEN my precious daughter began to melt down and we decided to stop there. How do kids know to do that when Mommy is in the middle of a project? That is exactly why my great intentions of scrapbooking have not been fulfilled. Oh and because I don't think it's wise to add on to our house just so Mommy can have a scrapbooking room. Ha! Maybe I can turn our garden shed into my very own space??? Anyways....I am rambling. Back to sewing....we did take Peanut to our local Joanne's and loaded her into the cart along with some cool material that we happened upon. See below. She had fun chewing on the sewing notions package.
Fabric Shopping
You can check on my progress at my new blog at
Mama's Bag
After the meltdown, Dobbie gave Peanut a bubble bath which helped immensely with her sour attitude.

Today we went to our little friend's birthday party. She turned 2 on Wednesday! I can not believe it. I remember when she was born and I was still pregnant with Peanut. I went to visit and ask lots of questions about labor and delivery. I remember holding that tiny little baby, thinking, "I'm not sure I am ready for this." Ha! I am thankful for these friends and the fun playdates that we are able to have together. The party was alot of fun. Peanut got to play in the pool, eat cake, draw with sidewalk chalk, and see babies. What more could she ask for? She is now sawing logs in her crib. It is a gorgeous day, so I think we will play in our own little pool when she gets up and then have a great night of sleep!




(I LOOOOOOOVE that little body! Oh my word!)


Fun summer days!

I am so thankful that we have missed the horrible storms that our other midwest neighbors have been slammed with. We spent the afternoon in Dobbie's basement yesterday as another system moved through our area. I sincerely hope that things calm down. (Family in Nebraska, if you're reading this, I have been thinking about you alot and hoping you have not been hit with these awful storms!) Daddy's side of the family had some near misses in Ohio this past week too. Wow!

And to close, one silly picture of Peanut who has figured out how to crawl into her jumper on her own. Today she was a bit stuck though.

(I started this blog on Wednesday, June 11 and saved it, then finished on Saturday, June 14. Since I saved it on the 11th, that is what it put at the top for the date. Can't figure out how to change that. Didn't want you to be confused. Ha!)

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