Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Decade

(*New pictures have been added to this blog. So if you have already read, check for new photos. Don't know why some of the new ones are sideways. Sorry! Just tilt your head.)
Mama and Peanut
Yesterday Daddy and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We both can not believe that 10 years have come and gone since our wedding. It is amazing. We were talking about it and the fact that we could have a 9 year old child by now. I can' t imagine, nothing against all you 9 year olds out there. I am just glad that we waited and that we have a 22 month old instead. :)

Our wedding was perfect. I wish I had a picture to share with you but we were married before the digital picture age and we don't have a scanner. I will try to get one to post on here. Dobbie made my wedding dress and I would still pick it today. It was gorgeous. I had found a picture in a bridal magazine and that is all that she went by to make it. Funny story....Dobbie and Papa lived in Ohio at the time of our engagement so I mailed the picture of the dress to her. I had written all over the picture adding what else I wanted or didn't want. A few weeks later Daddy and I drove to Ohio so Dobbie and I could pick out the material to make the dress. On our way to JoAnne's, she kept talking about how unsure she was about making all of the poofs and billows that were on the dress. I kept thinking, "What poofs and billows?" Finally I asked her to get the picture out to show me what she was talking about. She pulled out the picture and showed me the dress that was on the other side of the magazine page that I had ripped out! For 2 weeks she had the picture of the wrong dress hanging on her fridge, telling Papa over and over that it just didn't look like a dress that her daughter-in-law to be would pick out! She had not looked on the reverse side and seen my writing nor the perfect dress for me! Ha. The dress she had been looking at was very tight fitting with all of these poofs all over. It was a very modern take on the wedding dress...nothing that I would pick out at all. Haha!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Last night the three of us went out for supper and ice cream. It was just wonderful to be all together as we didn't see much of each other this last week. Peanut ate up the time together. We are planning to go away for a couple of days next week. It will be good to get away. We haven't gone on a vacation other than visiting family in a few years.

This last week was another FULL week. Daddy spent the week recording at Dobbie and Papa's cabin. (Thank you so much Dobbie and Papa. How is your hearing? Ha!) Daddy was glad to be done as he missed his little girl a whole bunch. I was busy wrapping up another year of preschool. It is done! We had our final class picnics and said goodbye. Wow!

Here Peanut is helping Dobbie pick out flowers at a local greenhouse one of the days that she watched Peanut for us.
Picking out flowers with Dobbie.

Last weekend Peanut and I stayed with our friends overnight. Mr. Friend was kind enough to watch all the kiddos so that Mrs. Friend and I could have some quality adult time away. Mrs. Friend is heading off to basic training in a few weeks so it was much needed quality time. We took in the new movie Baby Mama which was very funny. We spent some time shopping and had a yummy dinner at Papa Vino's. The kids had alot of fun together and even played dress up as you can see from the pics below. Peanut either is a princess or a gnome. Ha!
Princess Peanut

Princess Peanut



In this next picture, Peanut is displaying her secretarial skills. She can work on the computer and talk on the phone at the same time. Unbeknownst to her though, the phone is actually a Wii controller!
Future Secretary????

We also had some other friends spend the night with us this week. We were able to catch up and let our kiddos play together. Peanut enjoyed having another little person around and some other adults to pay attention to her. :)
Reading Buddies
Peanut and I celebrated the beginning of summer vacation today by walking to our local Farmer's Market. She enjoyed seeing all the people and flowers that were there. We spent some time at the library playing then headed to the coffee shop to share a cranberry scone. We ended our time out at the playground with many trips down the slide. Finally the weather seems to be warming up enough to get outside. It was another chilly week here but it is looking good for Memorial Day.
Playing at the park.
And Peanut has a new "word". It is "Psst!" Ha! She also has a new silly face that she loves to share.
Silly face
I don't know why this one is sideways...Sorry!
Silly Face

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Happy Memorial Day!

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shannonfay said...

10 years!!!!! I can't believe it either. three are a beautiful family and God has used you in so many lives over the past 10 years....can't wait to see what He has in store for you over the next 10. Love you!