Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

Daddy's Kiss!
This has been one of those weeks that I just haven't had time to breathe it seems. Things at preschool are wrapping up. Last week was graduation busyness, this week has been field trip busyness, and next week will be picnic and last day busyness. Then DONE for the summer! I always go into the summer thinking it will pass slowly and leisurely by. It never does.
Zoo Again! Zoo Again!
Peanut did get to go along with me on my preschool field trip to the local zoo. Most of our students had at least one parent attending. I knew one of the chaperons personally and she was delighted to have Peanut go. It was a beautiful day with the weather actually cooperating for us. It has been a cool, wet spring here. Peanut wore her snazzy sunglasses during the whole field trip!
Zoo Again! Zoo Again!
Our friend treated us both to a fun ride on the zoo train. Peanut's first train ride!
Zoo Again!
I have a funny Peanut story to share with you. On Tuesday Daddy joined us for our last storytime at the library. Afterwards we decided to go to McDonald's for supper as we haven't had much time together this week. We were in separate cars so I took off with Peanut. We pulled up to a stoplight and as the weather was nice (something that has become very strange these days) we had the car windows down. I was watching the light when I heard Peanut say, "Hi!" Then to my surprise I heard a male voice say, "Hi," and laugh. I turned around and saw that a white truck was beside us and the man had his window down. Peanut saw him and was being friendly! She even told him, "Bye," when we pulled away. It was pretty funny.
Play House
Here are some great pictures that a friend caught of Peanut. I love them so much and have to share them with you even though I did "steal" them. Sorry. :)
Peanut and Mama

Cutie Pie

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Joy ☺ said...

I love the zoo.
I wish I was in your preschool.
I miss you!
Once preschool is over, remember me.