Friday, April 18, 2008


Daddy is on his way home from work for what is becoming a Mama and Daddy habit. He picks up a movie and ice cream on his way home from work on Fridays, then we hang out and spend some time together before the long weekend while he is at work. We aren't ones to go out alot, so this has become our splurge. I think we are going to watch The Kite Runner. I have heard it is supposed to be really good. We'll see.

Peanut and I spent the evening with Dobbie tonight. She was thrilled to play on Dobbie's awesome back porch. It was such a beautiful evening and she found shear enjoyment in watching the geese on the pond, watching the fish, and seeing spiders (Charlotte spiders!). My thinking is that if she watches Charlotte's Web all the time, then she won't be scared of spiders. She'll think every spider wants to be her friend. Ha! We also watched Babe at Dobbie's. Peanut thought this was a great movie because it had real animals! She is fascinated by animals. Dobbie thinks she will be a farmer's wife when she grows up.

Here are some pictures of Peanut and Dobbie having a pretend tea on the back porch.
Having Tea and Scones Having Tea and Scones
All this being outside has made for wonderfully restful nights and naps! (Peanut was doing much better with her sleep schedule before the warm weather came, but it sure has helped!)

I have another peanutty story to share. On Wednesday on our way home from Grandpa's, the sun was shining in Peanut's eyes in the car. She started playing Peek-a-Boo with the sun! It was so funny. She would cover her eyes, then uncover them and giggle just like she does when she does it with us!

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Joy ☺ said...

You know, Dawson probably won't be a farmer. He told me he wants to ride momo's for a living. ha ha.
You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom-in-law! :)
And, next Friday... I would like ice cream with chocolate shell. Thanks. :)