Friday, April 18, 2008

Vrroomm, Vrroomm!

Peanut is growing up. I took her to her first storytime at the library on Tuesday. It was so much fun. I have to apologize for my less than perfect pictures. Can you believe I was the only one taking pictures? I felt kind of silly pulling my camera out but I did. The pictures I took are not that great because I was trying to hold the camera and remind Peanut that we need to share and not look like an idiot with the camera. The storytime lady read Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert (a favorite of this preschool teacher's) and then they gave all the kids all sorts of plastic vegetables. Each child got a turn to put his or her veggies in a great big pot, then we pretended to add water, then everyone got a turn stirring the soup. It was great fun! We have 4 more weeks of storytime! I will try to take better pictures next time.



On Wednesday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's as we always do. Grandma continues to hang in there but is continually showing signs of greater weakness. I had no idea how weak one person could actually get. Peanut loves to pat her arm and give her kisses. For that I am so grateful.

After we had our coffee and cookie break, Peanut was off playing. She went in the front room and started opening and closing the door. Grandpa said I had better go and help her because she would probably get upset about the door being closed. To this I thought, "Come on Dad, my daughter can open the door!" But I helped her and in the process discovered a HUGE box sitting in the front room. Grandpa was sitting in his chair beaming about our discovery. He had got Peanut a pink Barbie Jeep!!!! I was shocked and thought, "Boy, does she have you whipped." Ha! We spent the morning putting the Jeep together. Peanut helped with screwdrivers and such. Finally we got it together only to discover that the battery HAD to charge at least 18 hours before it's first use! Bummer! Peanut didn't know the difference and had a blast getting in and our of her Jeep all day. It even has a working FM radio! Oh my goodness. After all the excitement I got to thinking, I never got a Barbie Jeep when I was little. Hmmm? :)

Jeep Owner Jeep Owner
Now some Peanutty stories to share with you.

Yesterday was quite a day for Peanut. She helped me work in the backyard after I got home from work. She helped put yucky leaves and weeds in the trash can and she decided putting rocks in her mouth was fun. I kept reminding her not to do that. She had put one precious stone on the patio table for safe keeping. We were taking a break from our work and she ran to the table, grabbed the stone, and flung her hand to her mouth. I chased her down to find that the stone was nowhere, not in her hand, not in her mouth, not on the deck. I freaked out, sure she had swallowed it. I called Dobbie and she assured me that she wouldn't be able to swallow something that big (it was a bigger rock, not small) and that she had probably tossed it when I was fishing in her mouth. There is a little part of me that is still unsure as to where that rock is. I will be checking diapers for the next few days.

THEN we came in to clean up, eat supper, and change our clothes. I put a cute little knit dress on Peanut and ran downstairs to grab some laundry to put away. I had told her to stay with Daddy upstairs and not to follow. Well she did, and she got tangled in her dress and tumbled down the stairs. Thankfully, she didn't fall very far and was fine. Oh yes, and this was after she had decided to dunk a sock in the potty. Is she 2 yet? NOOOO! Haha!

I took her with me to my monthly craft night so Daddy could sleep some extra with no disruptions (since he had worked 3rd shift the night before, watched Peanut while I was at work and was sick). We made the cutest little paper purse bags. I had to share a picture of it with you.
Isn't it sweet? And it was so easy to make. Thanks friend for all the work you put into our craft nights. I always look forward to it and to seeing you. Aren't those hyacinths pretty? They are in full bloom in our backyard and smell delightful. I can't wait for the daisies to bloom!

AND we had an earthquake! This morning at 5:35ish I woke up to our bed shaking and our house rattling. Now this isn't that strange since we live next to a railroad track, but the train never wakes us up and there was no train whistle. It also felt different. I laid there and thought, "Is it an earthquake? No, it couldn't be. It has to be the train." But after it was over I poked Daddy and said, "I think we just had an earthquake." He had felt it too, but wasn't sure. Dobbie confirmed it this morning with a text message. Sure enough the midwest was hit with a 5.2 earthquake. I have never felt one before. It was an odd feeling to know the earth had moved below us.

And lastly, a little girl in my preschool class said something pretty cute this week. We made rainbows to use in one of our songs for our April chapel. I showed the students how to make the rainbow POP out to which she said, "Look at my rainbow POOP!"

So there you have it. I'm sorry if my thoughts are not coherent, but once again my content little girl who was playing so nicely is climbing all over me and fussing because I am on the computer. Why does she do this?



Joy ☺ said...

I LOVE THESE STORIES!! Every single one!
Please let your preschooler know that I sometimes have rainbow poop too. After I've eaten skittles.
Since I'm like Pam and we have something in common for our coffee hour in Scranton.. do you still think she'll pay for both of our coffee's?

Julie Reynolds said...

The earthquake woke me up, too! :)