Monday, April 14, 2008

Drama Queen?

We think we might have a bit of a drama queen complex coming out in Peanut. On Saturday my friend from college visited with her little boy. Peanut loves to give hugs. She stretches her arms out and makes this cute little sound. It is her signal that she wants to hug whatever is at the end of her outstretched arms whether it be a person, a child, a baby, a dog, a cat, a doll, a stuffed animal or whatever. She desperately wanted to hug friend's son. Being a boy, he just was not into the whole hug scene, so he said, "NO!" Peanut THREW herself on the floor and sobbed. She did this TWICE! Now, being a good mama I hugged her and said it would be ok but inside I was trying not to laugh at the drama that had just been displayed before me. Besides this probably won't be the first time she will cry about a boy. (Friend, you can record that in your son's baby book...the first time he broke a girl's heart. Also you can record that I was the first to put these pictures up!!!)

Here Peanut is trying for that hug...
Just a Little One?

Check out that determined look on her face.
Just a Little One?

So, no hug? Maybe a little kiss?

Just a Little One?

Then on Monday evening, Peanut helped me make supper standing on her chair beside me. I had put her back on the floor because I was busy at the stove and being a good mama, I don't let her help at the stove. She desperately wanted back up on the chair so Daddy helped her and in the process she stepped over the side and fell. He tried to catch her but didn't make it. She of course was very upset and wanted Mama. I rocked her and got her all quieted down, then Daddy came to check on her and she would have nothing to do with him. He tried to kiss her and she pushed him away and started crying. He even tried to pick her up and she wanted nothing to do with that. Now I know he was heartbroken, but I was again trying not to laugh because I could see that she was really dramatizing this. Daddy headed back to the kitchen and I had a "talk" with her about how it's not nice to treat Daddy like that and that he would never hurt her intentionally. After a bit, we walked to the kitchen hand in hand and she went right to Daddy.

So, we think she is displaying some queenly tendencies. Wow! And only 21 months old.

Here are two more pics of her with her friend. Do you have any idea how hard it was to get these two to look at the camera? Obviously you can tell because neither pic has them both looking up, so how about one of each looking up while the other is engrossed with the object in their hands.
"Boy" Friend

"Boy" Friend


shannonfay said...

I love the way she cocks her head when she wanted hugs in the first pic....he he...too cute

Colleen said...

Ha! Ha! I think you definately have a drama queen on your hands. Those facial expressions, priceless! We have a drama king. That all sounds so much like David. Just wait. It gets even better. Little David has already given some Oscar winning performances at the age of three. I keep saying if only we livd in LA would could get him a movie deal.

Joy ☺ said...

Oh the drama! I think God was using Dawson to bring Cora-kins drama to the light...
My pictures of our get together are better.
Let's go Office overnighter! yeah!