Thursday, March 06, 2008

What Is Driving me to Insanity...

1.) The fact that my daughter who has been a perfect angel sleeper has become a horrible sleeper since she had the flu.
2.) That my daughter thinks it is ok to wake the whole house up between the hours of 5 & 6 a.m.
3.) That my daughter wakes up through the night crying her head off. (Thankfully she falls back to sleep except for one night when she was up from 2-4 a.m. BUT she does scream and wakes everyone up including the cat!)
4.) She does not go to sleep sweetly and compliantly anymore. She fights it and cries!
5.) She only wakes up crying in the morning or after naps. She rarely wakes up smiling or happy.
6.) That I do not sleep well anymore because I live in fear of her waking up.
7.) Little noises are waking her up....I strove to make sure she was not a light sleeper.
8.) DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!! That is this weekend people...we're already having some serious sleep issues and this does not fail to mess her up anyways! My only hope is that we spring forward so maybe it will actually help this time.
9.) Should I call the doctor or not? I never know what to do. Is this just a horrible phase and it will pass? Maybe I should schedule an appointment for me before I have a nervous breakdown!
10.) WHAT IS GOING ON?????
11.) AND I have high quality Mary Kay concealer but it isn't doing a thing for these crazy circles under my eyes. Ugh! Maybe I should just get some Benjamin Moore paint in yellow concealer color!
12.) AND my brain feels like mush!

Ok, so she did have the flu, but she slept fine during that unless there was vomit or diarrhea involved. Maybe that screwed our wonderful schedule up. I also see 2 new teeth peaking out so maybe that is it.

These are the times that I feel so ill-equipped to be a Mom!!!!! I don't know what to do. These days my prayers consist of, "Lord, please give me patience. Please wrap Peanut in Your arms and give her a night of peaceful sleep. Oh and a restful night for me would be awesome too."

This is also Drill Sargent Mama weekend. We have been so busy and on the constant go. Bedtimes have been a bit off as have naps...not this weekend. Mommy is laying down the law and we're getting back on track. So if you think about it say a prayer for us! We're going to need it. I must regain my sanity. Isn't it crazy that a small 23 pound person can make me feel like I need to be put in a looney bin. get to sleep in the looney bin, don't you?


Joy said...

This post made me laugh! Well, of course in a "I feel really bad for you" sort of way.
Who can I blogger stalk next?

shannonfay said...

Oh my goodness....what a week, huh? Hang in there!!!! You crack me up when you question yourself because you are SUCH an AMAZING mommy! Cora is just going through a rough phase....a growth spurt, a few teeth that need cut, an upset in schedule because of her flu....who knows...but she is still sweet little Cora, and she will start sleeping again for you, I promise! Stick to your guns, her and wear her out all day and soon she will remember that sleeping time is for sleeping! This is so totally normal, so don't start questioning that you've some how messed something up, OK? I love you....we need to get together soon....maybe she can't sleep because she is worried about Madeline and Timothy and Aunt Shannon....perhaps? A visit with us may just do the trick....let's get on that =)

hugs, shannon

shannonfay said...

P.S. I totally get the loony bin comment. As worried as I was about my dad, and as sick as he was....part of me keeps thinking about the fact that for two whole days he was in bed and no one even thought to ask anything of him.....maybe I WANT the flu...maybe pneumonia could be a GOOD thing in the right circumstances.....or maybe I could break my leg somehow and land ion traction....hmmm....