Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trash Girl

I remembered a funny story to share with you all about Peanut. The dust has settled and my brain cells are working again...refer to previous post if you are lost. Yesterday while Peanut was eating breakfast I was packing up her diaper bag and picking up toys, I found one of her little magnet farm animals to her Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set laying in the living room so I took it back to it's home, the refrigerator only to discover that there were NO animal magnet halves on the refrigerator. Where could they be? She typically takes them off and puts them in the laundry basket if it is nearby but it was full of clothes not animals. Hmmm....just then Mommy instinct took over (I love it when that happens) and I looked at the trash can sitting so temptingly in the corner of our kitchen. No, she wouldn't have put them in there. I opened the lid only to find a sheep's rear end sitting on top! YUCK!!!! So as Peanut sat in her high chair eating breakfast and I picked through the yucky garbage looking for lost animal halves, she got a lecture on the NO-NO's of putting things in the trash. She just kept eating and smiling at me. I wonder if she was smiling in agreement or in utter joy to see Mama going through the trash looking for her buried treasure. We are missing a horse's rear end and a pig's head, so if you see them in any of your dumpster diving, let me know. I am wondering if they have already been sent to the garbage dump! I think we're going to hang our garbage can from the ceiling now.
Be sure to check out the next post to see pics of the cutest little girl in the world!

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