Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sanity Regained Just in Time for Daylight Savings Time

I am a time change moron! All week I have been thinking that the time change would help our sleep situation. Then tonight as I changed our bedroom clock ahead an hour it hit me...this is NOT going to help. Peanut will be going to bed an hour earlier rather than later!!!!! If I had figured that out, I would have been easing her into an earlier bedtime routine. I guess I will ease her in after the fact. I hate the time change! (Sorry, Honey!)

By the way, we have had a much better couple of days in the sleep department but that will all be changing, won't it?

Now for pictures, what you're all waiting for. We had Peanut's friend and her Mama over on Monday. The last time the girls were together was in the fall. They warmed up to each other pretty quick and enjoyed playing together.
Playing piano with Dobbie!

Turkey dog stuck to her nose! (She tried to get more to stick after this accidental stick.)

I had to run to the preschool with Peanut on Friday. She got lots of attention from the kids.

Peanut helped me vacuum the house today.

We get the crayons out every once in awhile to "play" with them. Peanut likes to take them out of the box, drop them from her head, crawl on them, put them back in the box, and so on. We haven't quite gotten the hang of coloring yet. ;)
Crayons Crayons

Today on our trip to Wally World I found a cheap new movie for Peanut, Milo and Otis. She loves animals so I figured it would be a fun one for her. We put it in tonight to watch after supper. Peanut did in fact like the animals. In the midst of playing she would come over and go, "Oooh!" while watching the animals. Our cat on the other hand was completely enthralled by the movie. He laid in front of the tv and watched the entire show! I should have popped him some popcorn. It was so funny to watch him watch the animals.

Peanut has also accomplished a new trick...walking backwards! We watched her the other day as she figured this out, taking slow backwards steps. She got quite a kick out of herself as did we. Also if anyone needs a friend to talk to on the phone, give us a call. Peanut LOVES talking on the phone and can be quite a chatterbox.

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Joy said...

Hey! I can walk backwards too! Cora and I are two peas in a pod I say. I cannot, however, get turkey dog to stick to my nose. I just tried.
I laughed out loud when you said you should have given Art popcorn. That was clever and funny. 2 snaps to you.