Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here are some random pictures of Peanut for your viewing pleasure. She will be 21 months old in a few weeks! I can not believe she will be 2 before we know it.

Here she is putting her shoes on her baby doll.
Getting Dressed

She helped me make carrot cake for our Easter supper with Dobbie and Papa. Love those pig tails.

She had quite a group of friends to watch Charlotte's Web with the other morning.
Movie with Friends

Daddy read her new book from Dobbie to her.
Reading with Daddy

We spent some time outside yesterday afternoon playing in the warmer weather and raking.
Playing Outside
Playing Outside
Playing Outside
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


Joy said...

I wish Dawson could wear pigtails cuz I love them. My favorite pic is Cora with all her Charlotte's web friends! CUTIE!!

Laura said...

What a sweet baby you have....I am so sorry for your loss...know you are not alone on this journey. Keep being gentle with yourself. Sending you love...