Sunday, March 16, 2008

Most Wanted

This past week my preschool class took a field trip to the local library. I was living in fear that my "most wanted" poster would be hanging in the entrance as I had a pretty big library fine and have had it since last summer. Whoops! What a good example I am to my students if the librarians come and escort me out during a field trip for not paying I got online and paid my fine! Getting online is so nice because then you don't have the embarrassment of the librarian actually knowing what you owe or saying it out loud for everyone to hear! Now that my fine is paid the library could probably add another wing with those funds. Ok, it wasn't that bad...but now I feel relieved and I can once again join those who borrow from the library.
SO....on Saturday Peanut and I headed to the library to take advantage of the library. What fun we had! Peanut is quite a friend machine. She loves kids and playing with them. She had a ball in our library's playroom. Her first pal was a 2 1/2 year old boy who was very shy but warmed up to playing with Peanut. His mama and I had a nice chat...which takes me out of my comfort zone. I'm pretty shy like that little boy and need to warm up a bit. :) Being a mama brings so many women to the same level. It's amazing how having a child gets you into the "mommy club" immediately. A child can break the ice so quickly and so easily. It's so nice for me to have an incredible little "ice breaker"! After the little boy there was a 3 1/2 year old little girl who was very extroverted. Peanut stayed constant and wanted to play with her too. Peanut isn't pushy and does her own thing if not given the attention she is seeking. We picked out a book about colors and a Praise Baby dvd. (I really like this line of dvds. We don't have any but can get them from the library.) I also checked out a new book to read, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I was also able to fill my magazine addiction with Everyday Food. It is my favorite little recipe magazine put out by Martha Stewart. It has the best ideas and recipes. Love it!!!
Outside Work

Today Peanut and I awoke to some surprises. My first was that Peanut had slept almost 12 hours overnight and did not wake up when Daddy left for work at 6:45. The next was that there was a bag of dark chocolate candies sitting by my bed obviously from Daddy. When we got downstairs there was a cute doggy sippy cup sitting on Peanut's high chair. Peanut loved it and wanted to use it all day. Thank you Daddy!
Outside Work
Peanut and I spent 2 hours outside working in the back yard. It was a mess out there. We raked leaves and sticks. Picked up sticks. Cleaned out flower beds. Divided some daylilies. Looked for rocks. Peanut loves being outside so much. I was surprised when we came in to see that we had been out for 2 hours. The only reason she started wanting to come in was it was past lunch time and she was hungry. I think we could have stayed out much longer if not for hunger pains.
Outside Work
We also got to see all the grandparents. We spent Saturday evening with Grandma and Grandpa and tonight with Dobbie and Papa. Oh and we got to see our friend Shannon on Friday! We hadn't seen her since Daddy's birthday. :( It was good to catch up. So it was a great weekend!!!
Outside Work
One last thing...another yummy recipe. This one is SOOOO easy and yummy.

Easy Cheesy Enchiladas from Rachael Ray
2 T. extra virgin olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
salt and pepper, to taste
2 t. chili powder (I would use only one next time, see picture below.)
1 t. cumin
1 -14 oz. can fire roasted crushed tomatoes (I couldn't find fire roasted so I used 2 cans of tomatoe/green chiles combo, Rotel.)
1/2 chicken or beef stock
3 T. canola oil
12 corn tortillas (I used 10 flour.)
4 scallions, chopped (I left out.)
3 T. cilantro, finely chopped (I left out.)
4. c. shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 375. Heat olive oil in small saucepot over medium heat. Saute onion and garlic until tender, 7-8 minutes. Add tomatoes and stock, reduce heat to low and simmer 10 minutes.
While the enchilada sauce is simmering, soften the tortillas: Set up two skillets next to each other on the stovetop. Place one over medium heat with the canola oil and heat the other empty skillet over low. Using tongs, soften each tortilla 15 seconds on each side in the oil, shake off any excess then transfer to the dry skillet to keep the tortilla warm. Repeat this process with the rest of the tortillas. As you soften each one, place it underneath the last tortilla you browned. Eventually, you will end up with a stack of 12 softened tortillas in the same skillet.
In a bowl, combine the scallions and cilantro with 3 cups of cheese. Fill each softened tortilla with about 1/4 cup cheese and roll it up. Set the rolled tortillas in a row in a baking dish. When all the tortillas have been rolled, ladle the sauce evenly over the dish and top with the remaining cup of cheese. Bake until bubbly and brown on top, about 15 minutes. Serve with salad and spicy refried beans alongside.

I added a can of black beans to the cheese mixture. I think I would use 2 cans next time...we like black beans! Also I would only use 1 t. of chili powder as it was kind of spicy. Peanut thought so as you can see in the picture. She kept opening her mouth and saying, "Ahhh! Ahhh!" But she kept eating so she must have liked it.

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Oh! I LOVE LOVE the picture of Corakins eating spicy enchiladas! Love it! Too cute. I'm coming over to play outside sometime soon. Or you can come over. Either way. But we're getting together. Let's set a date.