Thursday, March 27, 2008


So bear with me, I don't have alot to say today. Peanut and I have been busy cleaning this morning, so my brain cells are clogged with dust and grime. Maybe not grime but dust for sure! She is eating lunch in her pj's so I have a minute. What can I say? We clean best in our pj's right after we get up. I downloaded the newest pics of Peanut and they are to die for. Well, I think so...I know so! I have to share them with you. They were taken on Monday. Dobbie invited us all over for Easter supper. Yum! We had ham, baked sweet potatoes, buttery bubble bread, and homemade carrot cake.

Easter Baby Piano Player

Piano Player Piano Player

Piano Player Piano Player

And one more! The big finish...
Piano Player
This definitely how any proper young lady should play the piano in a dress, don't you think?

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