Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Week of Friends

Peanut is feeling much better. She is her happy self again! There is still one area that she is not back to her old self in yet....waking up happy. Ever since the flu, she wakes up crying. We miss hearing her sing and jabber when waking up. Maybe she will get back into that habit yet.
We had a busy week this week. We spent some time with all of the grandmas and grandpas. We love seeing them all and letting them love on Peanut. I spent some time at a ladies' group that I am a part of. I begged Daddy to be home so he could watch Peanut. I have not been to the monthly group for quite some time and the times that I had been there, I've had to take Peanut. She always does fine but I have to leave early to get her home for bed and I am constantly trying to keep an eye on her. So needless to say it was so nice to go on my own. I do have to say I did feel guilty for leaving her home. But I had fun spending time with a wonderful group of ladies. We usually do a craft together but this time we played a fun game called Pit. I even got an injury while playing...there are some competitive women who will do whatever it takes to win, I guess! (I am so joking! I just had to put this in for the hostess with the mostest because I know she will read this! BUT I do have a scab now!)

On Friday we were all able to spend some time together with a great group of friends. It was so much fun. We all sat around catching up with friends who moved north last summer. There were a number of kids. Peanut was on cloud nine running around with the kids and playing with "new" toys. Two of the girls became her personal entourage. They carried her, fed her, put her in a green laundry basket, gave her toys, fed her, tickled her, chased her, fed her. Did I mention that they fed her? Peanut was in her glory with her new friends who are both in second grade. She played all night long! We didn't even get her to bed until midnight.
Fun Times
The next morning after breakfast Peanut proceeded to throw up her breakfast. We are pretty sure that it was from all the oreo's and other yummy foods that she was fed. Her tummy didn't have any room for breakfast. She was fine all day after that. We went out for supper with another friend whose hubby was out of town. It was nice to see her and catch up as we haven't seen each other in a long time.
I found Peanut the other day with a diaper and a doll getting ready to put the diaper on the doll! She loves dolls and taking care of them. She feeds them with a spoon and a bottle. She was caught at our Friday night fun putting a coat on a baby and walking around with it. She frequently puts her baby doll in her high chair. She kisses it on the top of the head and sings to it. She typically finds the baby dolls first when we go somewhere. I love it.


Anonymous said...

A scab? Come needed a magnifying glass to even see the injury!! I am so glad that you were able to was fun to be with you again and laugh like crazy! Have a great week....

Joy said...

How cute with Cora playing with dolls like that! I have a feeling that if Dawson got a hold of a baby doll he'd carry it by it's big toe and drive cars on it's head. But he might sing while doing that...
Miss you!