Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun Pictures, Fun Stories

I thought I should put up something fun and upbeat up after my last post. So, of course that means....Peanut things. For Christmas we got Peanut a horse flashlight. When you squeeze the handle, the horse's mouth opens and there is a flashlight AND it neighs! Sadly, we have had to use her little flashlight once or twice. One night Daddy came home saying his iPod had just fallen out of his pocket into the snow out front. The only flashlight that we had that worked was the horse! Can you imagine a grown man looking through the snow with a flashlight that neighs! Oh, the memories...happy ending though...the iPod was found thanks to Fisher Price!

I have put the flashlight in Peanut's crib with her. The other night after I put her to bed and turned on the baby monitor, I heard neighing for quite awhile! It was pretty funny to hear all that racket coming from the monitor.

Peanut's favorite movie still is Charlotte's Web. She likes to imitate the farmer when he calls, "Here pig, pig, pig." Only it sounds like, "Pih, pih, pih." She also has started imitating the silly crows by cawing with them!!!! AND...she imitates the baby spiders at the end when they fly away singing..."Whee! Whee!"

And now for pictures....
Peanut insisted on wearing my pink fuzzy slipper socks over her pj's the other morning! It was pretty cute. Today she went down for her nap with a pair of daddy's socks on with her dress. They were still on when I got her up.

We got quite a bit more snow this week, so Peanut had more fun in the snow!
Snow Fun Snow Fun

Peanut displayed her climbing stairs skills this week. She has been able to climb for a while but we have discouraged it. We gave in and let her go for it this week. She climbed up and down for quite awhile! Now to teach her that she only goes up when Mama or Daddy go up and down when we go down. She is showing that independent streak.
Going Up

This morning she fed her baby doll breakfast after she was done eating. The baby even got to sit in the high chair!
Feeding her Baby

Tonight we made cookies. Yes, you will see that she has a flour mustache in one. She could not resist tasting the flour. But she did taste chocolate chips too. You will notice that baby is with us too.
Making Cookies

Making Cookies
Making Cookies
She even helped do the dishes...she is dressless because we had to taste the baked cookies and they were ooey gooey.
Washing Dishes

And for the last fun doesn't do it justice but it's what I have. Peanut makes fish faces and has been for some time. She is just quicker than my camera so it is a side view.
Making Cookies
So that's that. The house is clean, the child is sleeping, the laundry is done and put away, the dishes are done and put away...Ahh!!! I love that feeling. And now a blog is written. It's a good thing because I can barely keep my eyes open.

One more thing...if you do not watch LOST, you are seriously missing out on the best show ever. Daddy and I are speechless regarding this season. This is not a show you could just jump into and figure out quickly what is going on. You really need to start back in Season 1. They are outdoing themselves this season. Wow!


Julie Reynolds said...

Mindy, I can't believe how big Cora is getting! She is looking so much like a big girl :)

Joy said...

I want to taste ooey-gooey cookies made by Cora! :) I love the fish face. I also love your fuzzy pink socks and I cracked up laughing at the picture with Cora wearing those! Too cute!