Monday, February 11, 2008

Flu Bug

Our beautiful little girl that sleeps so well, woke up at 7 a.m. this morning crying. What's this? She never wakes up crying. So I went to get her and put her in our bed when I realized she was very smelly. Wait...I remember that smell from somewhere....hmmm...oh NO! It's from the last time she threw up during the night. Sure enough, there was quite a treat waiting for me in her crib, all over her jammies, in her hair and in her diaper. Yeah for Mommy! So Peanut got an early morning bath. Daddy cuddled with her while I took care of the toxic waste. Then Peanut and I cuddled all morning. I do love it when she wants to cuddle. So right now we are in our p.j.s and watching movies on the floor. (Well, I'm blogging.)
Flu Bug
It's a funny thing...last night I was thinking to myself, "Wow! We sure are lucky. Peanut is hardly ever sick." Oh and I changed her crib sheet and washed all her blankets yesterday. (Who in the world thought changing a crib sheet would be easy! It almost brings me to tears every time.) Should have known these two things would bring on the puke! And the thing that brings on diarrhea...only having 3 diapers in the entire house. Need to take care of that yet.

Thank you Lord for our washing machine!
Flu Bug
Yes, we are watching movies. Peanut loves her Baby Einstein dvd's. We limit to one a day if that. She knows where we stash the movie collection so she brings them to us, not that she gets to watch it. She has been known to bring The Lord of the Rings or The Office...we haven't gotten her started on those yet. Although she does perk up at the sound of the music to The Office. She has heard that music regularly since she was a newborn. BUT my pride and joy is that she likes to watch Charlotte's Web. I love this movie so much and the book is one of my all time favorites. I can't wait till someday when I can read this book to her. Peanut likes when the farmer calls, "Here pig, pig, pig, pig, pig." She even tries to do it herself.
"What was amazing yesterday, becomes seemingly ordinary today." -Charlotte's Web
I have been giving Peanut butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses for some time now. Last night as she was loving her baby doll, I said to her, "Why don't you give your baby butterflies?" To this she proceeded to give her baby butterfly kisses. Then I asked her to give the baby eskimoes and she did! It was too cute and of course, I did not have the camera ready and when I did have it ready, she would not do it again.

Yesterday Peanut and I had fun making a tent with a sheet and some chairs. She was so proud of her little house and kept grinning. She had more fun walking in and out with the sheet draping over her head then really playing in it. Even the cat got in on the action.
Tent Dwelling

Tent Dwelling

Tent Dwelling Tent Dwelling
And to close, here is a pic of Peanut with one of her pals. Our friends who were in town last weekend, were here again this past Saturday so we got to see them again. We spent some time together in the afternoon and ended our time with a trip to my favorite Hispanic restaurant in town. Yum, Yum! Cora and Friend's baby had fun imitating each other. I am thankful to have at least 6 more months of living near these friends before they head overseas as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. It has been a treat to see them 2 weekends in a row after being so far from each other when they were in Texas.
Well, Peanut is down for a much needed nap so I need to get around and go buy diapers...the mega-pack! What do you feed a baby with the flu? Chicken noodle soup doesn't work so well. I gave her crackers all morning. She has kept them down, thankfully!

Did I mention that yesterday the high was 1 degree and today is not a whole lot better. It's supposed to be a whopping 14 degrees this afternoon. Wow! Heat wave!

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