Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sledding and Building

I took Peanut to Grandpa and Grandma's on Friday to get some sledding in. We didn't make it on our usual Wednesday visit due to extreme cold temps and slick, snowy roads. Peanut wasn't sure what to think of this sledding experience. She remained pretty solemn while sledding but started to cry when we brought her in. I guess that means she liked it and didn't want to stop. Here are some pics of her first sledding adventure. (By the way it's supposed to be 50 this week, so you know what is going to happen to all that beautiful snow. Yuck!)

Sledding Sledding
Also this week we finally received our last Christmas gift. I had ordered some wooden blocks for Peanut and was so excited about them but they didn't come in time. In fact, they didn't come. After a phone call to the company, they realized for some reason they had never been shipped so they overnighted them to us. It might be a good thing that they were a little late as Peanut was a bit overwhelmed by all the presents at Christmas. Here are some pics of her playing with her new blocks with Daddy. Her favorite thing to do you can't guess....knock down Mommy and Daddy's architectural creations.

And here Peanut is pretending the arched block is a phone. She just picked it up and started chatting away! We thought that was pretty cute.
Well, someone is getting cranky and ready for a bath and bedtime, so I better get.

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