Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More Snow

New Year's Snow!
We had a Happy New Year's. Daddy had to work in the evening but was home to celebrate. Dobbie and Papa came over for supper and a movie. We made salmon, chili roasted sweet potato fries, taquitoes, spinach dip and bread, and pecan pie. We also watched a good movie called The Prestige. Daddy and I really like this one. We had seen it before but knew Papa especially would enjoy it. (If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's about the demise revenge brings.) Peanut enjoyed playing with her Papa and Dobbie for the evening. She was tucked into bed way before the new year struck.
New Year's Snow!
We also started getting more snow in the evening. What usually takes Daddy 25 minutes to get home from work, took an hour because it was snowing so hard. We couldn't believe how much snow there was on the ground before we went to bed and then even more this morning. Daddy thinks we have close to a foot again. (The snow from a few weeks ago had all melted so we were in need of new snow.) It has been snowing all day and the weather man is saying it could snow through tomorrow around 4pm! Crazy. Peanut and I had fun playing in it before her nap today. We are so thankful for her warm snow suit and red rubber boots from Christmas.
New Year's Snow! New Year's Snow!
It's the kind of snow that sticks to everything. The trees are white and the bushes are toppling over from the weight of the snow. We definitely had a white New Year's!
New Year's Snow! New Year's Snow! New Year's Snow!
On Sunday we got to see some good friends who had been leaving in Texas but are back in the area. Their little boy is 7 months younger than Peanut. She liked watching him and he liked grabbing her face. It was so good to catch up with these dear friends. We are exited to be able to see them a bit more often now that they are a bit closer than Texas
Buddies Buddies
Daddy got to go with us to visit our friends since he got the day off from work as a result of the below picture.
Black Eye
Daddy was assaulted at work by one of the boys in the home he works at. He was grabbed from behind and punched in the back of his head several times. Thankfully he is ok except for delusional thoughts and severe hallucinations. No, he's ok. He does have a black eye and had to get steri-strips on the cut on his upper cheek. We are thankful that he is ok.
New Year's Snow!
We hope you all had a great New Year's and don't have any black eyes!

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