Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buh Bies

The title is what Peanut says now when it's time to say good-bye. It's the cutest, cutest thing. I love it. I want her to say it forever! The way that children start pronouncing things is so fun. We have some good friends whose little girl couldn't say Daddy's name, so for a long time she called him "Kaya". It was a sad day when we realized she started calling him by his real name.
Music Girl
Peanut has been slow to say words. She jabbers all the time but does not say too many actual words. Right now her vocabulary consists of:
Buh Bies
Dido (for Shiloh her Dobbie and Papa's dog)

I do think she also says her own version of Thank You, once in a while.

Peanut has started singing though. She will walk around and go from jabbering to a sing song jabber. She sings with me at night when I sing her bedtime songs to her. It is precious. She has also started humming to music. Of course we think she will be a musical prodigy. Haha!

She can also wipe her own face like nobody's business! Ha! She loves to carry around dish towels, rags, washrags, paper towel, or clean wet wipes and wipe her face. In fact she is sitting on the floor right now with a wet wipe "blowing" her nose. It's probably runny from sticking a finger up each nostril a little bit ago. She is fascinated by putting her fingers up her nose and in her ears. Holes for fingers! It's pretty humorous. Last night I was singing our good night songs before bed and she put her fingers in her ears, then decided Mommy must have holes in her ears too and put her fingers in my ears. She is always thinking.

So what have we been up to? Daddy and Peanut helped me celebrate my 33rd birthday on Tuesday. They took me to my favorite Hispanic restaurant here in town. It's a local restaurant and oh so good. The waiters love to try to get Peanut to smile at them and play peek-a-boo. It's always fun and so yummy! Daddy and I spent the rest of the evening watching the 3rd season of Lost! We are super excited about the upcoming 4th season. This is our favorite show. We wanted to get ready for season 4 by re-watching season 3. I highly recommend this show if you haven't watched it...but be warned if you watch, you might get addicted. So I enjoyed "getting Lost" very much for my birthday too. Ha! I am at the age now where I had to think really hard about how old I am now. I forget. It's all a blur!
Any who...our little town has become very flood ridden this week. All the snow we had melted and that was followed by alot of rain. The waters rose and rose and rose. Many of the streets in our community were closed due to flooding. The schools delayed and our public school even closed all day on Friday when the river was expected to crest. Here are some pics from the flooding. I am so thankful that our house stayed dry.
On Friday afternoon Daddy and I surprised my friend Shannon and went to her commissioning to join the Army. She will be graduating in May with her undergraduate degree then heading to medical school to become a doctor. She has spent a lot of time in prayer about what to do as far as medical school. She and her husband decided the best option for them and their family is for her to go to med school through the Army. She will still get to go the medical school of her choice but all of her expenses will be covered by a scholarship given to her from the Army. So Congratulations Second Lieutenant! You can read her own story here.
Army Girl Army Girl
Today I discovered my poor little baby has a yeast infection. She was miserable! It all started a couple of weeks ago when I bought a package of Luvs diapers and used on her. She got red and we thought it was diaper rash but it wouldn't go away. My mother in law thought it might be the diapers, so I switched her to Pampers and she started to clear up but not soon enough. Yesterday she got bad again and it started to itch bad. This morning I got her up and when I changed her, the diaper fell into pieces because she must have been tugging and trying to itch so much all night. I felt horrible and started calling my mother in law for help! I also did an internet search and headed to the pharmacy with my worldwide web knowledge. The pharmacist directed me to the best medicine for her...Clotrimazole. I can already tell a big difference. Peanut had been walking all morning like she had ridden a horse way too long, but now she is walking normal and not pulling at her diaper. I hate to see her miserable. It makes me feel miserable. Thankfully she is feeling better now.

Well, Buh Bies for now!

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Joy said...

buh-bies! I love it!! I miss her and her mommy.
Sounds like Jason and I are going to have to come out your way so we can try out this favorite restaurant of yours in town! yum. I love food.