Saturday, December 01, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

We just got home from church. Peanut is sitting in her high chair eating ravioli and green beans. Ravioli is her new fave entree for lunch or dinner. I think she'd eat it for breakfast. I honestly think if I made her the whole can and put it on her tray, she'd eat it all. I know she is wondering what other great food items I have not introduced her to yet. The only problem with ravioli is the big mess it makes on her tray and her face and her hands.


She has also been introduced to the world of the cookie break. Each Wednesday when we arrive at Grandma and Grandpa Danner's, we have a routine. I start a pot of coffee (yes, I know, no coffee for the prego lady, but once in a while is ok!) Then Grandpa,
Peanut and I sit down to chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Well, Peanut has juice. We catch up on the week and laugh about Peanut's antics.

Cookie Break

The weekend of Thanksgiving I had the great treat of catching up with some out of town friends who stopped by to see us. They were in town for family dinners and such. The first visit was by a former youth group girl from when Daddy was a youth pastor. She is now married and has a son who is exactly one year older than Peanut to the day.

The second visit was from my dear friend who was a room-mate in college. We also went on a mission trip to Portland, OR together to help a church plant. Her mom is one of the sweetest ladies I know. When she found out I was pregnant with Peanut she began sending me cards pretty much on a monthly basis just for encouragement. She has started again with this baby! I can not tell you what the cards have meant to me. How nice to open the mailbox and find thoughtful, beautiful words along with bills and junk mail! Now I know why Carrie is the way she is...sweet. She brought along gifts for Peanut and baby Flick...the cutest pj's! Thanks so much!

We have also entered the world of the pig tails since I last blogged. Peanut's poor hair is need of a break as I have put her hair up in piggies all week. I can't resist it, they are so precious!!!!

Pig Tails

We had a super busy week this week. Daddy was busy recording a local band at his parent's cabin while they were in Ohio. I had an extra load at work this week as we are in the process of getting a grant written. I was in charge of compiling all of our information and emailing it to our grant writer. This was pretty stressful. Peanut had a fun day on Thursday due to all of this extra activity. Daddy was supposed to watch her while I was at work but I knew he would be up all night trying to finish up the recording, so I called another dear, dear friend of ours to see if she could keep Peanut for us. She was more than willing and super excited. She felt honored that I would ask her to watch my most precious treasure. We met at Starbuck's that morning to do the pass off. She already had a penguin sugar cookie dipped in white chocolate waiting for Peanut! I knew Peanut was going to be just fine! In fact as we sat munching on muffins and Peanut on her cookie, my friend's daughter said, "You can tell what Peanut's love language!" Haha! (Dobbie knows that best!) Peanut spent the day going to Mom's morning at my friend's church, celebrating her son's 16th b-day at Taco Bell and going to the license branch to cheer him on as he got his driving permit. She had a full fun day! I think my friend was more excited about it than Peanut!

On Friday evening I watched our friend's kids while they went to a Christmas party. Peanut had fun being doted on all night and having kids to play with.


On Saturday morning Cora and I had a Mommy/Daughter morning. We slept in...wait Peanut did. I woke up at 6:30 with the worst case of morning sickness yet. I have finally done it...I have joined the ranks of those who lose their cookies to morning sickness...well actually I lost honey lemon tea. YUCK!!!! I layed deliriously in bed and watched the stupidest movie since I could not fall back to sleep. I am not even going to say the title, because it was so stupid and depressing. As stupid as it was I laid in a puddle of tears as it finished. Pregnancy hormones!!! Anyways...Peanut and I got going and headed to McDonald's for breakfast together. To my surprise, Santa was at McDonald's. We sat close to where he was and Peanut was fascinated by him. She watched as other kids climbed into his lap and got their pictures taken. When we finished, I set Peanut down to get her coat on. As I put on my coat, my 16 month old daughter toddled over to Santa and put her arms up for him to pick her up! She was completely content to sit in his lap and look at him. He told me to just come back in an hour to get her because he liked her so much. Since it wasn't the mall Santa, I was permitted to take pictures with my own camera instead of paying a fortune for one, so it worked out well. I am not sure what she told him as far as what she wants for Christmas, though.



After Santa we hit a local craft show, then got some groceries. We spent the afternoon with Dobbie and Papa since they had been gone all week. Later in the afternoon a big snow system moved in so we headed home. The evening turned out very cold and yucky. It was like 20 degrees, snowing, sleeting, and icing! I am so glad we got to just be home during the messy weather. (The crazy thing is it is 50 degrees today and raining!) We took our naps and then started Christmas decorating. We got the tree up. Peanut helped rearrange the branches for me then watched her Baby Einstein Christmas video so we had Christmas music. Daddy called later and we decided it was best for him to spend the night at work as the roads probably were very messy and slick.



I am at a loss where to put everything due to decorating. Right now Peanut's toys are in the middle of our living room. Where do you put it all when the Christmas tree goes up? So right now if you come to visit, you may have to walk around the mound of toys in the center of our living room. Ha!

Well I am off to do laundry and finish up decorating. Yeah! I love Christmas! Break out the Christmas music. Sorry, honey!!!!!!

To close here is our crazy cat. This is how he sleeps in his red chair. Wait, our red chair.




Julie Reynolds said...

Just a quick FYI... if you ever come to Glenbrook Mall in FW for Santa or the Easter Bunny you can use your own camera to take pics! I've done it many times :) Have a great week!

shannonfay said...

I love the pics! The pigtails aer soooo cute =) What is with madeline in that picture you took though? Did you give her a two liter of Mountain Dew while we were gone?!?!
love you!
P.S. Don't worry about missing tonight; Madeline is very undertsanding, and I am going to try to post a video of it still tonight.

C and T said...

Our Calvin cat sleeps like that, too! And he makes a tiny kitty snore. :)

Joy said...

Yay for Christmas! I miss you!!! Cora is so cute in pigtails, I think I'm going to do that to Dawson. Did I mention that I miss you! We have 3 weeks to get together. I'm making it happen. I'm still not used to seeing Carrie with her hair straight. I miss her too. One of these days you and Cora are going to get up and have a fun eventful day planned with ME! Oh, I can't believe Cora wasn't bothered by Santa. I had Dawson sit on santa's lap at the mall and he sucked his thumb and looked worried. Dawson sat there wondering, why is santa sucking his thumb and looking worried? ha! j/k. I love Christmas decorating! We have our tree up and that's it. Does Cora try pulling all the ornaments off? I guess I could have sent you an email huh? this is getting long!
Love you much!
Miss you!