Saturday, November 10, 2007


It is 3:06 p.m.  Daddy's at work, Cora's down for a nap and I am sitting here in my pajamas.  Why are you still in your pajamas, you're wondering?  Well, Cora's sick and I have had no time today to change.  Now that she is down for a nap, that would be a great time to get ready.  I will.  I know.  I just needed to sit and listen to the quietness.  No crying, no mischief.  Ahhh!  Cora has an ear infection.  We found out yesterday at her 15 month well baby check-up.  Ha!  She wasn't a well baby, so it is still a well baby check up?  Anyways...our doctor put her on Amoxycillin.  It hasn't kicked in yet.  She is miserable!!!!  So is Mommy!  She only wants to be held and if I even think of walking out of the room, she cries.  I seriously thought she was going to go hoarse last night from all the crying.  She is a mess!  And I am exhausted.

So how do you do this with 2?  I'm feeling panciky!  

Cora is 21.2 lbs. and 31 3/4" long.  She's still a peanut!!!  

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Julie said...

Hi, Mindy! So sorry to hear your baby is sick. It probably makes it all the harder to deal with since you're pregnant! :) Hopefully, you've been feeling good though.
Cora must have grown a lot recently, b/c believe it or not, she was actually bigger than Moriah at her 15 month check up! :) Riah was 20# 6 oz, and 30 1/2" long. Who would have thought Cora would catch Moriah! We need to get the girls together again when Cora is feeling better. They had so much fun last time. I loved watching Cora hug Moriah.
Hope Cora is feeling better soon and you are able to get some rest! And, who cares if you're still in your pj's!!! Even when Riah is not sick, I have a hard time getting out of mine some days, especially when it is so cold!