Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall Fun

Unfortunately we have slowed down in our picture taking and blogging. Or maybe life has not been filled with much excitement. Hmmm...take that back, everyday is exciting with a 14 month old, so we must have just hit a lull in pictures. Life has been busy with work, keeping up the house, and chasing a little one around. She is getting quick but honestly is a good girl. She doesn't get into too much trouble. She has discovered that she can get up from a sitting position to a standing position. She sticks her little bum up in the air and usually her head ends up on the floor, kind of an ostrich with it's head in a hole look. You can see for yourself in the following pic. She also has her new pj's from Dobbie. They are and brown with piggies are all over.

It is turning to fall so quickly. I love it! Fall is my favorite time of year by far. Cora and I have been taking daily walks and the smells and sights are incredible. We walk through crunching leaves, smell leaves burning, see the combines harvesting the local fields. It's amazing. I do have to say that the sight of the combines does sadden my heart a bit, as I know that winter is close. Fall goes by too quickly. Cora helped Grandpa Danner pick pumpkins in honor of fall this past week. We plan to carve one, while the rest are decorating our front steps.

Last weekend we had the privilege of watching Dobbie and Papa's dog, Shiloh while they were away for the weekend. I do enjoy having a dog around. It gives me a sense of security. I'm just not ready to have our own right now. My secret dream (no longer secret) is to adopt a greyhound someday. I have been around a few in the past and was struck by their gentle spirits. Anyways...we entertained Shiloh for a weekend. Cora really enjoyed having her here. Art, our cat, on the other hand did not. He hid on top of our kitchen cabinets for most of the weekend and wailed the night that we took Shiloh home. I think he was letting us have it for allowing anything canine into our house because he is the king of the house. Cora has another new word...."Di-do," for Shiloh. Now anytime she hears or sees a cat or dog she says, "Dardur," or "Di-do." In fact today at Walmart we were in the cat food aisle and she saw the cat pictures on the cat food bags, got excited and starting say, "Dardur" over and over. Too funny!

Cora loves our front porch. It is just a small screened in porch on the front of our house. She loves that she can see out the windows to see what is going on outside. Art also loves our front porch. Typically they are out there together looking out the windows. Daddy caught some fun shots of this spectacle the other night.

Last night Cora and I went to celebrate Grandpa's birthday with him. He is now 75 years young! He may not appreciate that posted on the world wide web! His favorite gift was just spending time with Corey as he calls her. He is the only one allowed to call her this, just so you know! It's Cora for the rest of us! If you forget, don't worry, I will QUICKLY remind you. Ha! We took his favorite dinner over from a local restaurant...ribs! And for dessert a coconut cream pie. It was a nice evening spent together. It's so neat to see your child so loved by your own parents! Cora is so blessed by having two incredible sets of grandparents who love her so much and whom we love so much!

And now to are some cute pictures from our stop at the local park this evening. It's actually really hot here. I love the fall temperatures of mid 70's to upper 60's. It was pushing 90 here today and muggy! I am very ready to get back to fall weather and to open the windows up wide. I hate having the house all shut up with the a/c running but we needed it today.

I remember opening up a gift at Cora's baby shower and this outfit was in it. I remember thinking she would never fit into it! Augh!

Here is a pic from the other night of the beautiful Midwestern fall sky! Did I say how much I love fall? If you stop by anytime this fall, you'll probably find pumpkin spice candles burning or maybe even some delectable pumpkin treat.

(Some of the above pics are small and a little blurry. Sorry about that. They are the ones I got from my camera phone. Can you believe I forgot to take my digital camera with me? Oops!)


Julie said...

Moriah enjoys pics of dogs too! But, when she sees a picture of a dog in the store, she stops and barks at it! Aren't they too much fun?!?!

Joy said...

I LOVE the picture of Cora standing up! Cute! I want to hear her talk.
Are we having a slumber party?