Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Part III: Quilts

I promised you pictures Lori's quilts so here they are. Don't drool on them! These first 3 all are pieces that Dobbie and Aunt Lori put together using the antique quilt blocks that Dobbie found on Monday. These are from the 30-40's. Isn't it neat to think that some women many years ago put these blocks together and now they are being finished and put into a quilt. I'm sure those quilters are smiling down on Dobbie and Aunt Lori.

The quilt to the side here is my fave although I think they are all beautiful. It is the one that Dobbie made with reproduction fabrics from prints from the 40's. It's so bright and happy. The one below is one that Aunt Lori made with reproduction fabrics from prints from the Civil War era. It's so rich looking. It's gorgeous. The colors are so rich together.


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Colleen Stout said...

The quilts are beautiful. Where did you go to find the antique quilt squares?