Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Part II: Play Date

The weather has finally warmed up a bit and that called for a play date for Cora and her buddy. We haven't seen them for so long. Cora's buddy is going to be a big sister this spring! Congratulations!!!! We are so excited for you guys.

It's so funny to see these two play together. Cora's personality is one of taking it all in before jumping in. Her buddy is opposite. Isn't it crazy that we can already see personality traits in these little people. It's awesome. Cora was content with having Buddy's mommy hold her instead of running around with Buddy and following her up the big slide steps. They had fun and so did us Mamas. We had a great time of catching up with each other and telling kid stories especially since the girls are so close in age. It's always so good to chat with this Mama. She is a sweetheart! I miss seeing her like I used to.

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