Saturday, September 01, 2007

Silly Stories with Cora

I have two cute stories to share with you about our little peanut girl. They both happened a while back, but I forgot to share them in our blog and I wanted to do that now. The first one happened when our friends from Texas were staying with us in July. One night after we had put our babies to bed, the weather got really nasty and a tornado warning was issued. We brought the kids downstairs with us, just in case. Once things had settled down, we all headed to bed. Cora was confused why we had woke her up and then wanted to put her back to bed. She was up for a while with us. We ended up putting her in bed with us and finally got her quieted down. She lay in between us watching the sky light up from the lightning and listening to the thunder. Daddy started giggling and I looked over to see Cora totally wide eyed looking out the window. Cora is a thumb sucker usually with one thumb in her mouth and the other holding her ear. Well this time as she watched and listened to the storm outside, she stuck both thumbs in her mouth and was sucking away with a very concerned look on her face! It was so funny!

(Cora loves to watch Dobbie and Papa's dog Shiloh through the front door window. She gets very excited to see Shiloh standing there.)

The other story involves disciplining our little girl. I am totally amazed how quickly they learn to do things that they shouldn't do and how soon discipline becomes a part of our daily life...not that our little girl is bad. She does know how to push the limits as you will see in the following story. The first big no-no in our house was our tv, vcr, and stereo. They are on the floor and quite a temptation, so we quickly began teaching her that these things are no-nos and she quickly realized how fun they must be if mommy and daddy didn't want her to touch. Her first reaction to this lesson was to giggle uncontrollably and slap the tv or vcr. With consistency she has learned that they are off limits and is doing well. One day when we were in the midst of teaching this valuable lesson she did something that I never thought an 11 month old would do (this was a few months ago). She was sitting on the floor with her back to me in front of the stereo and started to touch the buttons. I calmly said, "Cora, no, no!" She looked at me and kept touching so I let my voice get firmer. She stopped touching the buttons and while watching me the whole time turned herself around to face me. While still watching me, she bent her leg so that it was behind her body and oh so gently raised her foot so that it touched the buttons. I could NOT believe what I was witnessing from an 11 month old! I have to admit that there was a giggle inside of me as I watched her little wheels turning..."Mommy said I couldn't touch these buttons with my hand, what about my foot?" Wow! Needless to say she now knows that we don't touch it with our feet either.

Raising this beautiful little girl has completely shown me that we are born with the sin nature in us! Nobody has to teach us that! Wow! I am so thankful that she is a very good little girl!!! It scares me to think what number 2 could be like! Haha!

Cora got to spend the whole day yesterday with Dobbie and Papa as Daddy had to work and Mommy had to park cars for a preschool fundraiser. Our community has a big festival over Labor Day weekend and the church where the preschool is located is right by the festival, so the parking lot is used as a big fundraiser. We are blessed as a preschool to get to use it on Friday to raise money for the preschool. So Mommy was busy doing that all day. Cora had so much fun at Dobbie and Papa's as you can see from the pics below. And yes, Cora is in her pj's! Someone, I won't say who, was in charge of dropping Cora off at their house after her morning nap and in the process she didn't get changed! Oh well, pjs are super comfy for aspiring walkers! Cora is walking all over now. It is so cute.

"Churning butter" on Dobbie's front porch!

So BIG!!!!! This is Cora's reaction when you ask, "How big is Cora?" Thanks Dobbie for that pic! I didn't have one yet.

Cora loves to push the porch swing at Dobbie and Papa's house.

Cora LOVES to watch the goldfish and Koi in the front pond. Here Papa is helping her find them.

Cora is very busy at Dobbie and Papa's. She wears herself out! She also knows that Dobbie will give her snacks. It is so funny! As soon as we get there, Cora starts "begging" for her yummy snacks...goldfish, pudding, bananas, sugar free ice cream, Ritz crackers with cream cheese! And Dobbie loves it!!!! :) As the saying goes, "What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's!" I am thankful, thankful for Cora's Dobbie, Papa, Grandpa, and Grandma! I love seeing her with all of them!

Well I hear my little peanut babbling away in her crib from her late morning nap. We slept in today except for poor Daddy who had to be at work at 7 a.m., so Cora took a late nap.


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