Sunday, September 02, 2007

Runny Nose

Cora has had a very runny nose now since Tuesday! She doesn't seem to feel sick as she is still a happy little girl and is playing like usual. BUT her nose is just running and running. How is a Mommy to know if it is allergies, a cold, or teething? It's so hard when this little person can't talk to you. She doesn't have a fever and the running gunk is clear, so I guess it's not a big deal. How do you know? I'm not a drop everything and go to the doctor and get medicated type of person just so you all know. I in fact have a hard time giving my daughter meds just because it MIGHT help. I don't lather her gums in teething gels unless it is the last resort. I don't dose out Infant Tylenol just because she is cranky. That's just me. I would rather snuggle her and let her God given immune system kick in. No, I am not a hippy! :) I just don't believe in over medicating kids. It seems as if we live in a world where there is a miracle drug or med for every ailment. I sometimes wonder if these miracle drugs will come back to bite us in the rear ends. Ok, so I guess I am just rambling now wearing shirt with a shoulder covered in dried up snot. Sorry to the faint of heart!

Click here to read a news story from this past August regarding giving children under 2 cough and cold meds. Just some food for thought.



C and T said...

hey, what's wrong with hippies? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I think that you should still treat her like she is sick, by not making her do anything activity that is really active, make sure she is warm, and make sure she sleeps a lot.