Friday, September 14, 2007

Poison Control

There is always a first for everything. Tonight was my first time to call Poison Control. I spent the afternoon cleaning with my precious 13 month old toddling around "helping". She got busy in the dining room as I was in the living room. The next thing I knew she came in grinning from ear to ear with white stuff all over her face. I ran to the dining room to find that she had been licking the baby sunblock bottle. The bottle was in a ziploc bag because the lotion drips out, so the bottle was covered with lotion but now it was spotless! She had cleaned it all up...yumm-o! I frantically called Dobbie and Papa because they are medical experts in my opinion! They didn't think it was going to cause bodily harm but recommended calling Poison Control. I called and the woman was so nice and reassuring. She said that it wouldn't hurt her but to give her juice to get rid of the yucky taste! Thank You Lord!

Little Peanut has two favorite commercials right now. If either come on, she will stop what she is doing to watch them and listen. The first is one that Daddy despises...Sorry Dad! It's for Target (she knows a good store!!!!!). It's the one where this guy with a low voice sings, "A little bit more, little bit more, a little bit more, little bit more," over and over. The other is for the new Dyson lightweight vacuum. It starts by showing that other lightweight vacuums are weanies by making these really squeaky noise when they are being used. She LOVES the squeaky noise! So funny! Also if she hears any clapping on the tv, she will stop what she is doing and clap along while grinning!

Last night was the first time that Cora went to bed without being nursed. She did the same tonight. Our bedtime nursing was all that we've been doing since before preschool started. Now we seem to be ending. It makes me sad. I have really enjoyed nursing and feel so very blessed to have been able to do it.

I have read in some other friend's blogs that they are teaching their children sign language. We have been doing this also. Cora has figured out "more" and is starting to figure out "please". She has the Baby Einstein sign language dvd. We haven't watched it too much as I feel guilty putting her in front of the tv. When she does watch it, we try to watch it with her and do the signs together. It's fun to watch her learn!


Kimberly said...

My brother and sister-in-law taught my nephew baby sign language and it helped them immensely. He hardly ever cried because he could communicate exactly what he wanted.

Julie said...

Don't feel bad...I've called poisen control twice already. Does that make me a bad mommy??? Once, Riah had diaper rash cream all over her face; I don't think she ate any. The last time, she pulled a shirt down off the sink that was soaking in Oxy Clean. She walked over to me with white powder sprinkled all over her face. Try holding a 1 yr old down, opening her eyes, and flushing them with running water for 15 minutes! Yeah, that was an experience!