Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sometimes I look at our Peanut girl and things well up inside of me. I am so overcome with emotion by this truly precious gift that we have been given. The other day she was toddling around drinking her juice which she had a death grip on. She was in this little pj outfit that formed to that cute little body and I couldn't take it. She is ours. We have a daughter. I am her Mama. Wow! It's amazing. Last night we sat on our couch and just watched her play with her toys. She found how to play the music on one and did it over and over so she could "dance" to the music. We both giggled and giggled at her. We were overcome by her. The love that I have in my heart for her is overpowering. The thankfulness that I feel for her is something I don't ever wan to take for granted. Thank You!

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