Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friends and Quilts

On Sunday night I put a tiny kitchen playset that Aunt Leah and the girls had passed down to us in our dining room. Cora loves it. Right now she wanders around with the plastic silverware happily. I put a kitchen towel over the ironing board for her to iron. She loves this little playset, so thank you Aunt Leah and girls. You can see Cora's pride displayed in the following pictures.

We also inherited a gob of Little People toys from our friends the Gaileys. I finally brought all of those down too. I had toys strewn all over our living room floor as I sorted out things that she doesn't play with much to make room for the new to us toys. Cora must take after Mommy because she wandered around all out of sorts trying to put things back in their place. We made it through this traumatic event and now have a cabinet full of new toys that she loves to play with. So thank you Gaileys!

Monday night we had a surprise visit from some out of town friends. We met up with another friend and all went out to eat at good old Ponderosa. Yumm-o! Do you know how super easy it is to feed a 14 month old at Ponderosa, though! It's easy peasy! Cora filled up on mandarin oranges, rolls, green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, and the finale...some ice cream.

Afterwards eveyone came over here to our place so that our friends' little boy and Cora could play together. They had fun getting all the toys out and drinking apple juice together. We all had fun just watching them.

This little boy is exactly one year older from Cora to the day so it fascinates me to watch him and see what Cora will be doing in a year. It also scares me because he seems like such a little boy and not a baby! Aughhh!

We also spent time with Grandpa and Grandma Danner and Dobbie and Papa this week. Dobbie just finished making a beautiful quilt. Cora tested it out for softness. I think it passed as you can see from the picture. Daddy's Aunt Lori was at the cabin this week too, so we spent some time with her. Welcome home from Florida! She and Dobbie are figuring out a quilting business and mapping things out to get started. Pretty exciting!

Last night I had a girls night here at our house. It was so nice to hang out with some gals that I don't see very much anymore. They've all moved on to new chapters in their lives. I honestly can't tell you when we were all together last. It was fun to laugh, share memories, tell stories, and just be. Thanks girls!

Well I guess that's it for now. Cora and I are on our own today, so I think we need to find something for us to do. Shopping? Well window shopping!


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