Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Festival Fun

This past weekend our town held it's annual festival over the Labor Day weekend. Cora and I took in the festivities on Saturday while Daddy was at work. I had not planned on going to the festival until Monday with Dobbie but Cora and I wanted to get out of the house on Saturday. I figured we would just go for an hour or so, but ended up staying for 4 hours. It was so nice to meander through the crowd and watch Cora take it all in. She is very much a people watcher. We ran into some old friends that we hadn't seen in a while and some who had never met Cora so that was really nice. Cora fell asleep in her stroller and took about an hour nap.

After she woke up we shared a yummy bowl of frozen custard and sat down to wait for the hot air balloon launch. Cora most enjoyed getting out of her stroller and walking around. Ok, if anyone can resist the little face in this picture, let me know because I can't! She was really cheesing it!

Finally the balloons came and they started getting them ready for the launch. Cora loved this. She would clap her hands anytime she saw a balloon go up into the sky and smile in delight. She also figured out that if she leaned back while I was holding her, she could see the balloons up in the sky. After the launch we shared a corndog and called it a day.

On Monday Dobbie and I took Cora to the parade in town. Cora seemed to really enjoy watching it. The parade is VERY long (too long, in my opinion) so she was really tired by the end. She had seen one too many politicians! Haha! There were quite a few fire trucks in the parade this year. So many that we wondered what the local communities would do if there was a fire since all the trucks were in the parade. Cora is really good about loud noises. She doesn't get scared by them. The only thing that makes her a bit nervous is the town siren that goes off at noon or when there is an emergency. She used to cry, but now she just looks at us for reassurance. SO....when the troop of firetrucks and police cars came by sounding their sirens, I was a bit nervous about her reaction. She cuddled into Dobbie and did great! :) My favorite part of the parade was the taxi vans and garbage trucks! HA!!!! I don't get that! Is the parade a way to commercialize your business? I guess it is. Cora's favorite part of the parade were those little race car/go carts that the Lion's Club guys speed around in. She had fun watching them whizz by!

Anyways...after the parade we grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's and then went to the festival to walk around. It was HOT and there had to be a million people there. Cora was not thrilled with our plan for the afternoon so after sharing a yummy blueberry shake, we headed home.

It was a very fun weekend. I loved spending the afternoon with Cora on Saturday. It was so nice to have that time before starting back to work. I have been working quite a bit but actual preschool classes started this past Tuesday. I have 17 3-year-olds this year. They are pretty cute. I do have to admit that it was even harder going back this year. I love my little girl so much and I would much rather be with her. This morning was the first morning of her life that I didn't get her out of bed and feed her breakfast before starting my day. It seems that it will be easier on Daddy and Cora for me to let her sleep in and then Daddy can get her up. It made me sad all day though to not have spent anytime with her until 3 p.m. But she is in very good hands, so that does make it easier on me.

Cora did help me get ready for my preschool classes! She tested out the toys in my classroom to make sure they were ready to go!



mary said...

Your pictures are beautiful and what a lovely day you had on saturday. I always loved seeing how the girls would enjoy festivals, thinking it would be to much for them, but they always enjoyed themselves and napped in the stroller. Good luck with back to school.

Joy said...

I love your little cutie head! We should have come to your festival and let the kids go up in the hot air balloon. ha! :)