Monday, September 10, 2007

Cluck or Clock

This morning Cora and I were looking through her small farm animal board books. I was telling her what sounds each animal makes. She picked up the chicken book and I said, "Cora what sound does a chicken make? Cluck, cluck." She gave me a questioning look as if I was secretly telling her the wrong sound. Then she pointed up to our living room wall and said, "Baba." I looked to where she was pointing...our clock! Whenever our clock ding dongs, she looks at it and we tell her it is the clock. To her cluck and clock must sound too much alike. :) A few minutes later the same thing happened. I know she is thinking, "No Mom, a chicken doesn't say cluck, cluck because that is hanging on our wall, right there. Geesh!" Too funny!


Julie Reynolds said...

Mindy -

It's so amazing how words that we never thought sounded alike are so similar to kids. Becca was writing her memory verse the other day (1 John...) and she wrote "1 Jesus" She read it as "First God" I tried to explain that she wrote Jesus but she kept saying "First God." I guess she's getting this God/Jesus-thing a bit more than other people. I also never realized how much God & John sound alike and even look alike when spoken. I initially had tried to get her to pay attention to the way my mouth moved. However, it was pointless. She still thinks her Bible verse was First Jesus pronounced First God! She also eats Gorilla Ice Cream (vanilla!)
Keep track of these. I'm so sorry I haven't written them down in the past because they can be quite funny at times!

Julie said...

Oops let me clarify...keep track of Cora's little funny moments.... you don't have to keep track of my kids'!