Sunday, September 30, 2007


Prayers for This Child
by Sara Groves
from the cd Station Wagon

I do not know how I am to pray for this child
as a mother I don't want my baby denied
but in the waiting in the waiting
I learned

every instinct in me wants to shield him from pain
take the arrows of misery heartache and blame
but in the sorrow in the sorrow
I learned to hold on

I only have two eyes - be all seeing
I only have two hands - be everywhere
I do not know enough - to be all knowing
I give this baby up into your care

I do not know how, how to pray for this child
I want to guard her from everything wicked and wild
but in the trial in the trial
I learned to hold on
And in the trial, in the trial
I learned to hold on to the heart of God

We love you baby girl!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Big Girl

Since Daddy was still sick today (but much better), Cora and I headed out of our sick ward. We have been bad and not gotten Cora the next car seat. I think we're okay because she is small for her age, but I know she needs to be in the next one. So we headed out on a mission to find a new carseat for our big girl.

We stopped at Wendy's for a quick lunch together. Cora loves their chicken nuggets and mandarin orange cups. We were even visited by a very sweet hostess who sat down to chat with us. She loved Cora and was talking a mile a minute about her own kids who are now in their 40's and her grandchildren. She could tell that Cora was a good baby. She made sure to remind me that the next one may not be as good. Yes, I know! :) (No news on that front! Sorry if you were thinking we had big news about any buns in the oven. Nope!)

After lunch and making a new friend, we went to Babies 'r Us to use some gift cards and a coupon for our new seat. These seats are pretty pricey, but I don't mind paying for my daughter's safety. I do have to admit that we are truly blessed. After 14 months of life, this is the first big purchase that we have had to make for Cora, thanks so much to friends and family for hand-me-downs and to grandparents for generous gifts. So we can NOT complain.

After staring at all of the seats and having no clue what to get, we called Daddy. He got online and did some research on the ones the store carried. Poor Daddy..."Can you check the Evenflo such and such? Now what does it say about the Cosco Eddie Bauer? Oh, wait here's another one by Graco?" He was very patient with Mommy! We ended up with the Graco Platinum CarGo booster seat. It got 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!!! She can be in it from now at 20ish lbs up till she is 100 lbs which we think will be when she is 18! Ha! By then we may all have to be in booster seats here in IN. (The laws have changed and kids who are under 8 must be in a booster seat.)

After our Babies 'r Us trip, we headed over to the mall to wander around for a bit to kill time. I had not been to our mall in ages. The stores are all very overpriced, but it was fun to look through Gymboree, Children's Place and Baby Gap. They were all things that we can live without but it's fun to dream. Cora made alot of new friends, though. How things change...I used to window shop for me, now I window shop for my daughter. :)

Well here are pics of our big girl in her new seat....
Here is a picture of where we started 14 months ago.

Here is where we are now!

We've come a long way, baby!

After we got home and had supper, I took Cora out and got her new seat put in the car. Then we took it out for a spin! She looked so proud to be facing forward and able to watch Mommy now. It was so funny...almost like she thought, "Mom! Is this, ok? Are we going to get in trouble? You've been holding out on me all this time!" It will be so nice to be able to see her better and easier to hand her things when she drops them.

Another we put the infant seat away with the Moses basket, floor play mat, baby swing! It's sad to put things away, but it's also fun to get the new things out.


Sick Daddy

Daddy came home from work on Saturday night completely miserable. His right eye looked awful and had been bugging him for 2 days. In the middle of the night he woke up in misery. Any light that was shining in was causing him alot of pain. We called Papa who is an E.R. nurse and he gave advice to get us through the night. In the morning we called our doctor who said he would stop by our house on his way to church. What a blessing to have such a great doctor! By this point I had put dark sheets over our bedroom windows and tried to keep our bedroom as dark as possible. The doctor diagnosed him with a really bad case of conjuctivitis and prescribed eye drops. He said there was a possibility that the infection had set into his iris and he may have to go to an eye doctor to get steroid drops. Thankfully this morning he is feeling better. I am so thankful it was conjuctivitis and not something really serious especially since it was his eye. Needless to say Daddy was not around Cora much and my hands are so dry from washing them so much. The last thing we want is a sick baby!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friends and Quilts

On Sunday night I put a tiny kitchen playset that Aunt Leah and the girls had passed down to us in our dining room. Cora loves it. Right now she wanders around with the plastic silverware happily. I put a kitchen towel over the ironing board for her to iron. She loves this little playset, so thank you Aunt Leah and girls. You can see Cora's pride displayed in the following pictures.

We also inherited a gob of Little People toys from our friends the Gaileys. I finally brought all of those down too. I had toys strewn all over our living room floor as I sorted out things that she doesn't play with much to make room for the new to us toys. Cora must take after Mommy because she wandered around all out of sorts trying to put things back in their place. We made it through this traumatic event and now have a cabinet full of new toys that she loves to play with. So thank you Gaileys!

Monday night we had a surprise visit from some out of town friends. We met up with another friend and all went out to eat at good old Ponderosa. Yumm-o! Do you know how super easy it is to feed a 14 month old at Ponderosa, though! It's easy peasy! Cora filled up on mandarin oranges, rolls, green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, and the finale...some ice cream.

Afterwards eveyone came over here to our place so that our friends' little boy and Cora could play together. They had fun getting all the toys out and drinking apple juice together. We all had fun just watching them.

This little boy is exactly one year older from Cora to the day so it fascinates me to watch him and see what Cora will be doing in a year. It also scares me because he seems like such a little boy and not a baby! Aughhh!

We also spent time with Grandpa and Grandma Danner and Dobbie and Papa this week. Dobbie just finished making a beautiful quilt. Cora tested it out for softness. I think it passed as you can see from the picture. Daddy's Aunt Lori was at the cabin this week too, so we spent some time with her. Welcome home from Florida! She and Dobbie are figuring out a quilting business and mapping things out to get started. Pretty exciting!

Last night I had a girls night here at our house. It was so nice to hang out with some gals that I don't see very much anymore. They've all moved on to new chapters in their lives. I honestly can't tell you when we were all together last. It was fun to laugh, share memories, tell stories, and just be. Thanks girls!

Well I guess that's it for now. Cora and I are on our own today, so I think we need to find something for us to do. Shopping? Well window shopping!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sometimes I look at our Peanut girl and things well up inside of me. I am so overcome with emotion by this truly precious gift that we have been given. The other day she was toddling around drinking her juice which she had a death grip on. She was in this little pj outfit that formed to that cute little body and I couldn't take it. She is ours. We have a daughter. I am her Mama. Wow! It's amazing. Last night we sat on our couch and just watched her play with her toys. She found how to play the music on one and did it over and over so she could "dance" to the music. We both giggled and giggled at her. We were overcome by her. The love that I have in my heart for her is overpowering. The thankfulness that I feel for her is something I don't ever wan to take for granted. Thank You!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Poison Control

There is always a first for everything. Tonight was my first time to call Poison Control. I spent the afternoon cleaning with my precious 13 month old toddling around "helping". She got busy in the dining room as I was in the living room. The next thing I knew she came in grinning from ear to ear with white stuff all over her face. I ran to the dining room to find that she had been licking the baby sunblock bottle. The bottle was in a ziploc bag because the lotion drips out, so the bottle was covered with lotion but now it was spotless! She had cleaned it all up...yumm-o! I frantically called Dobbie and Papa because they are medical experts in my opinion! They didn't think it was going to cause bodily harm but recommended calling Poison Control. I called and the woman was so nice and reassuring. She said that it wouldn't hurt her but to give her juice to get rid of the yucky taste! Thank You Lord!

Little Peanut has two favorite commercials right now. If either come on, she will stop what she is doing to watch them and listen. The first is one that Daddy despises...Sorry Dad! It's for Target (she knows a good store!!!!!). It's the one where this guy with a low voice sings, "A little bit more, little bit more, a little bit more, little bit more," over and over. The other is for the new Dyson lightweight vacuum. It starts by showing that other lightweight vacuums are weanies by making these really squeaky noise when they are being used. She LOVES the squeaky noise! So funny! Also if she hears any clapping on the tv, she will stop what she is doing and clap along while grinning!

Last night was the first time that Cora went to bed without being nursed. She did the same tonight. Our bedtime nursing was all that we've been doing since before preschool started. Now we seem to be ending. It makes me sad. I have really enjoyed nursing and feel so very blessed to have been able to do it.

I have read in some other friend's blogs that they are teaching their children sign language. We have been doing this also. Cora has figured out "more" and is starting to figure out "please". She has the Baby Einstein sign language dvd. We haven't watched it too much as I feel guilty putting her in front of the tv. When she does watch it, we try to watch it with her and do the signs together. It's fun to watch her learn!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Big Word

We have discovered that our daughter has learned her first word other than dada and mama. It is....drumroll please...."Da-dur." In our house this translates to "Arthur." If you haven't read our blog before you don't know that Arthur is our cat! Whenever she sees him or hears him, she says, "Da-dur." Too funny! She has been doing this all week now. She is also getting one of her top front teeth in. Cora is SO big!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cluck or Clock

This morning Cora and I were looking through her small farm animal board books. I was telling her what sounds each animal makes. She picked up the chicken book and I said, "Cora what sound does a chicken make? Cluck, cluck." She gave me a questioning look as if I was secretly telling her the wrong sound. Then she pointed up to our living room wall and said, "Baba." I looked to where she was pointing...our clock! Whenever our clock ding dongs, she looks at it and we tell her it is the clock. To her cluck and clock must sound too much alike. :) A few minutes later the same thing happened. I know she is thinking, "No Mom, a chicken doesn't say cluck, cluck because that is hanging on our wall, right there. Geesh!" Too funny!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

From Lazy Day to Big Day!

I did not intend for today to be a full day for Cora and I. We usually stay pretty busy since Daddy is at work so I guess it's not too unusual. We visited our friends' church this morning. I really like the church. They have an amazing time of worship and the Pastor is very gifted. It's always nice to visit because it feels like I already know so many there. Many families from the church that I grew up in have drifted over to this church due to one reason or another. There are also many people from the college that I attended, Bethel College since it is a Missionary Church and that is the affliliation that Bethel is. My cousin's family even attends there. It was a good morning of fellowship and worship. Cora seemed to really enjoy her time in the nursery too. She didn't even cry when I dropped her off. She loves other kids.

After church we were invited over to our friends' house for some lunch. Cora was most enthralled by their new stackable washing machine and dryer set. She could watch the laundry spinning around in the washing machine. It provided great entertainment.

After lunch Cora and I took off intending to come back home but we did not. I had heard on the news that there was a cat show going on in a city north of us. I called Daddy to see what we should do and he said, "Go and have fun!" So we headed north!

The cat show was pretty interesting. These people take their cats really seriously. I bet none of their cats are avid fishermen or have written any books (see 3 posts before this one if this doesn't make sense to you).

We walked up and down the aisles of cats who were getting much needed beauty sleep in their little cat condos before the big moment in front of the judges. There were so many types of cats. We met one HUGE cat. He was at least double Art's size and Art is a big cat. This cat's name was Archie and Cora thought he was something. She thought all of the cats were something. She giggled, babbled, and clapped the whole time we were there.

Not one cat person let her touch their cats though. They probably didn't want those sticky, Cheerio covered fingers touching the award winning fur. We watched some judging too. It was fun but a bit weird to see a cat being taken so seriously! :) The cat below is one of those Sphynx cats. It doesn't have fur. It was by far the most bizarre. They remind me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

After we left the cat show we visited a fountain that was near the convention hall. Cora loved watching the water spurt out and walking around after being cooped up in her stroller. We then ate a yummy supper together. Cora was in the mood for Mexican so we dined together at Hacienda. She had a quesadilla and french fries...yumm-o! After a bit of grocery shopping we finally made it home.

It was such a fun day with Cora! I just love spending these days with her. I'm so thankful we didn't just come home, although I know we would have had fun together here too. It was just fun to do something out of the ordinary. I have special memories of doing things like this with my Mom too. We would go to the zoo, the library, the movie theater, among other places.

On another note...Cora got a special surprise this week. Dobbie gave her a doll baby. Cora loves it. She carries it around and pats it, although she is usually carrying it by the foot. Hopefully she'll figure that out by the time she has her own kids. She loves her baby so much. We even had to take it to Grandpa and Grandma's this week.

Cora and I stayed with Grandma Mary on Saturday so Grandpa could go to his cousin's 50th anniversary party. I finally got some more pics of Cora with Grandma. I hadn't taken any in awhile. Cora loves to play with Grandma's hair and pat her arm. I know somewhere inside Grandma loves it too.


Saturday, September 08, 2007


I was obviously in a delirious state when I made the previous blog. Sorry if we frightened anyone's socks off. We're all ok. We have not had any contaminated water or anything. We all still look the same and are fine. My pride would like for me to delete the previous post but I won't. It's ok. I'll survive the humbling of those pictures. Actually I just wanted to write a blog long enough that it would prevent those pics from being right there when I open up our blog. They are a bit horrifying. Haha! We were obviously in a demented state of mind when we made them. But it was fun and great cause for laughter which we were in need of. :) (Right, Dobbie!)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Silly Pics

Here are some VERY silly pics that we took on Dobbie and Papa's new iBook. It has a special feature that is called Photo Booth. You can take absolutely ridiculous pics of yourself. We spent some time taking pics and laughing hysterically with tears running down our faces. We hope you enjoy our newest family pics!


For those of you who do not know, we have a cat in our family named Art. His namesake is Art Garfunkel. Obviously my husband named the cat. I would have picked something like Boots, HA! The name really does fit him well. I can't imagine him having another name.
Well, the other day Daddy was surfing the web and came across a most interesting thing. Apparently our cat, Art has been authoring several books on fly fishing. We always wondered where he was going when he would escape from the house. Apparently he has been hot footing down to the river that runs through our community to try out his fishing skills. Our question is...where are the royalties from his books going? We have never had a check mailed to us. Does he have a post office box at the post office?
Art Flick: Fly Fishing

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Festival Fun

This past weekend our town held it's annual festival over the Labor Day weekend. Cora and I took in the festivities on Saturday while Daddy was at work. I had not planned on going to the festival until Monday with Dobbie but Cora and I wanted to get out of the house on Saturday. I figured we would just go for an hour or so, but ended up staying for 4 hours. It was so nice to meander through the crowd and watch Cora take it all in. She is very much a people watcher. We ran into some old friends that we hadn't seen in a while and some who had never met Cora so that was really nice. Cora fell asleep in her stroller and took about an hour nap.

After she woke up we shared a yummy bowl of frozen custard and sat down to wait for the hot air balloon launch. Cora most enjoyed getting out of her stroller and walking around. Ok, if anyone can resist the little face in this picture, let me know because I can't! She was really cheesing it!

Finally the balloons came and they started getting them ready for the launch. Cora loved this. She would clap her hands anytime she saw a balloon go up into the sky and smile in delight. She also figured out that if she leaned back while I was holding her, she could see the balloons up in the sky. After the launch we shared a corndog and called it a day.

On Monday Dobbie and I took Cora to the parade in town. Cora seemed to really enjoy watching it. The parade is VERY long (too long, in my opinion) so she was really tired by the end. She had seen one too many politicians! Haha! There were quite a few fire trucks in the parade this year. So many that we wondered what the local communities would do if there was a fire since all the trucks were in the parade. Cora is really good about loud noises. She doesn't get scared by them. The only thing that makes her a bit nervous is the town siren that goes off at noon or when there is an emergency. She used to cry, but now she just looks at us for reassurance. SO....when the troop of firetrucks and police cars came by sounding their sirens, I was a bit nervous about her reaction. She cuddled into Dobbie and did great! :) My favorite part of the parade was the taxi vans and garbage trucks! HA!!!! I don't get that! Is the parade a way to commercialize your business? I guess it is. Cora's favorite part of the parade were those little race car/go carts that the Lion's Club guys speed around in. She had fun watching them whizz by!

Anyways...after the parade we grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's and then went to the festival to walk around. It was HOT and there had to be a million people there. Cora was not thrilled with our plan for the afternoon so after sharing a yummy blueberry shake, we headed home.

It was a very fun weekend. I loved spending the afternoon with Cora on Saturday. It was so nice to have that time before starting back to work. I have been working quite a bit but actual preschool classes started this past Tuesday. I have 17 3-year-olds this year. They are pretty cute. I do have to admit that it was even harder going back this year. I love my little girl so much and I would much rather be with her. This morning was the first morning of her life that I didn't get her out of bed and feed her breakfast before starting my day. It seems that it will be easier on Daddy and Cora for me to let her sleep in and then Daddy can get her up. It made me sad all day though to not have spent anytime with her until 3 p.m. But she is in very good hands, so that does make it easier on me.

Cora did help me get ready for my preschool classes! She tested out the toys in my classroom to make sure they were ready to go!