Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Joy"-ful Day

Today I had the privilege of introducing Cora to a very special friend of mine. We don't see each other very often but have some incredible memories together. In fact the last time we saw each other was at my baby shower before Cora was born and her precious little boy was only 4 months old. Too LONG! Joy is one of those people with whom there is never a dull moment. She is so much fun and always has those around here in stitches...from laughing. She even has a complete choreographed routine to the song "Stand" by Susan Ashton which I haven't seen since my senior year in college. Joy and I met in college. She and her good buddy were in need of two more room-mates as were I and my good buddy, so we all connected and spent a year living together. We had a blast together that year. Between all of the clothes swapping, singing, dancing, saran wrapping cars.....what a year! Now just a few year later (HA!) we both are married and have beautiful little babies...well toddlers! I guess we're all grown up now.

We had a fun day reconnecting, eating pizza (Papa John's too...just like in college), watching Veggie Tales and an Everybody Loves Raymond episode (her fave show). The best part of the day was watching our kids play together. They played more side by side, but still were together. Cora was caught kissing on Dawson at one point...or maybe she was just eating his hair...hmmm....not too sure. They even went swimming together. It was such a fun time together. Joy is an amazing gal! (I miss hanging out with you girl!)

Joy and her family only live an hour and a half away, yet I found myself very nervous about this journey. Kevin and I are very blessed to have two cars that run well and are paid for....but they are older cars and have many, many miles on them. This also is the farthest away that I have taken Cora all by myself. (Motherhood has certainly changed me in some ways!) Pre-Cora, I wouldn't have thought a minute about jumping in the car to go much farther away by myself, but now Post-Cora, I think long and hard. Cora and I started our journey by praying for a safe trip and no car problems. The Lord did in fact do just that. Cora did wonderful on the way there, napping most of the way. The way home was filled with many more tears and a meltdown 30 minutes from home. BUT we made it and it was worth it! I have another "Joy"-ful memory!

Cora was so happy to have made a new friend today.


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