Sunday, August 19, 2007


This evening I flipped on the TV while Cora was playing with her toys. The Visa Gymnastics Championship was on and one of the girls was doing a floor routine. Cora stopped what she was doing and started watching the girl. She was standing by a chair and holding on to keep her balance. She let go and got this grin on her face. She started lifting her hands above her head just like the girl was doing. She kept doing it over and over while watching the girl spin and flip around. It was so cute. I started laughing because it was so cute and she grinned even bigger. She was quite the little gymnast for 12 months old! Watch out 2024 Olympics...Cora is already in training and her Mommy gave her a perfect 10 score!

(I tried to get a pic of her but she plopped to the floor as soon as I pulled out the camera.)

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Julie said...

Don't they always quit when the camera comes out??? Moriah was exercising with us the other night-she was doing squats just like us-but she stopped when I got the camera! :)