Sunday, August 26, 2007

Count My Blessings

This has been a week filled with things gone awry. Now considering what is going on in the world, I know these are nothing, but in my little world, they have caused great angst. It kind of all started when our computer got a jerk from our curious toddler. The computer was an expense that we were not planning on and was rather costly to be fixed. We have been having all sorts of car problems too. Early in the week we thought it was all taken care of and maybe we were over the car issues. On Wednesday Daddy went to visit a friend and the car started acting funny and smelling horrible. Thankfully he was right by Sears and had it looked at and then repaired. How is it that a little car part can cost just a few dollars but the labor costs a fortune? So this was another big (to us) and unexpected expense.

Then it has rained and rained all week which caused our finished basement to leak. The room it leaks in had about an inch of standing water. Daddy borrowed Dobbie and Papa's wet vac and tried to keep it dry but with all the rain and storms it was tough. Thankfully it didn't flood! We have been thinking of our family who live in the flooded areas of Ohio. What a loss many of the residents of that area are experiencing.

Then Friday morning I attempted to make a pot of coffee only to find that our coffee maker is broken!!!! Thankfully we do a coffee press, so we've been using that.

Saturday night my hubby called to tell me that the same car that had just been repaired now was sitting in the parking lot at work with a completely flat tire!!!!!!

OK....what gives? Things are just falling apart around here. Do these objects not realize that they do not fit into our budget all at once!!!!

BUTTTTTTT....things fall into place when I look at the following thing:

She is healthy, happy and gorgeous! Our cars and coffee pot and basement may be sickly but who cares when I know that my baby girl is healthy and she is happy. I would rather have a broken down car anyday over an ill little girl. Thank you Lord for her health! Those other things will get fixed in time. They may make things pretty tight for awhile, but when I can snuggle up to the best little girl in the world, it's ok!



mommy to four j's said...

amen I agree with you children are a huge blessing. Char

Joy said...

YAYYAYAY! I'm famous! Look at me and my bad self in your blog! You wrote all this great stuff! All I had time for was pictures. Things have been crazy busy at work. BUT, you know how wonderful you are and how much I love you so it's all good. :)
Thanks for coming.
Let's do it again every weekend. ha!
Oh and your toppled car seat story made me laugh out loud!