Sunday, July 22, 2007


Here is my second blog today dedicated to our family visit. We are having some car issues, so since Daddy had gone to work for the day on Saturday, I was stranded. Cora woke up at 7 a.m. only to fall back to sleep with me after eating. She slept until almost 10:45 (Mommy did not). We got ready and called Dobbie to see if she could come pick us up. We waited and waited but no one came. We ate lunch, no one came. We played, no one came. Cora fell asleep while I was rocking her and Dobbie came. She went on about how lunch had been chaotic and they had gotten busy. She also said she had to make a stop for some ice cream. It was around 2 p.m. before we got to the cabin.

We walked in to find streamers and balloons and heard, "Surprise!" They had been stalling to come get us because they wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for Cora. She didn't really understand the surprise, so in essensce that was for Mommy! It was so fun. They had Dora the Explorer hats and napkins. Cora let us get a birthday hat on her and she didn't bother it! We also celebrated two of the other cousins' birthdays too. They are all the ones with summer birthdays. Cora got her own cupcake to devour. She looked at it sitting on the high chair, picked it up and crammed it into her mouth. She did an amazing job of getting messy and ate the whole thing. One of the cousins also gave her a marshmallow cake and she crammed that into her mouth and went to town. (The high chair that she is sitting in is the same high chair that her daddy celebrated his 1st birthday in too!)

I love this picture because Cora held her hand out to her cousin. It was covered in frosting and cake, very messy. Instead of just smiling at her, he held her hand!!!! What a good cousin!!!! He is such a nice boy!

After her yummy treats, she got a bath! I think I'll be finding chocolate cake in her nose for a few days.

The cousins spent the afternoon swimming in the pond and playing. Cora enjoyed watching everybody, feeling pretty full.

After swimming, Dobbie and the girls made a yummy supper to share together. Then we headed out for a ride. Some of the cousins were really wanting to see some Amish homes so we drove through a nearby Amish community, then headed to see Papa's gyrocopter. He doesn't have the rotors on it yet nor is he done with his training, so he took the older cousins for a ride as he taxied it up and down the runway. Cora got to sit in it with him too.

Once we got back to the cabin, Cora opened her birthday presents. She got a Cinderella "cell phone" that makes all sorts of sounds. She is pretty fascinated with that. She got lots of other nice things. It was a wonderful surprise!

We spent the evening trying to stay awake from our late nights, drinking coffee and chatting. The end of our visit had come. That part always comes too fast and the times in between visits take too long. BUT everyone was healthy during this vist! That is nothing short of a miracle.

6 days until my baby's one year birthday!!!!! I can not wrap my mind around this, even after our party with the family! It's too much to take in. (Even as she lays on the floor at this very minute having a fit because she's not getting her way, which I am choosing to ignore!)


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