Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Days

Cora's in bed and Daddy's getting a movie for us to watch, so I thought I would put up some new pics from the week.

It has been so dry here. We finally got some rain last night but not enough. The grass is brown and the flowers are just hanging in there. We need rain badly. I took Cora out in the backyard the other night to blow bubbles with her. She tried crawling in the grass but didn't like the prickly feeling that it has now. So instead of crawling she tried to walk up on her hands and feet. She finally gave up and just crawled around.

Cora has caught on that Dobbie keeps yummy treats at her house specifically for Cora. Cora gets to set in the high chair that her own daddy sat in as a little boy and get yummy things. She gets Jello, which she isn't too sure about yet. It is kind of hard to pick up.

Dobbie also gets this very yummy vanilla pudding that has carmel topping. She loves it so much and gets all excited when she sees the little containers. Below Daddy is feeding her some. She likes to suck her thumb in between bites. It must help it slide down.

Kisses for Daddy for the pudding!

Here are some really cute pics of Cora in the high chair. The sun was shinging in Dobbie's kitchen window, just right on her. I edited one so that it would be in sepia. So pretty!

Today Cora and I spent the day with Grandpa and Grandma Danner. Cora got to help use a hammer while Grandpa fixed some things. She also helped pick some goodies out of the garden.

Cora had to be sure the hammer was nice and clean for Grandpa.

Picking zucchini and squash.

Cora would not let go of this cucumber.

This picture makes me smile, because there is one of my dad holding me as a baby in front of the corn many summers ago with Cora's Uncle Scott alongside.

Well, Daddy is home and we're going to watch a movie together.


Buckle Family said...

Hi Mindy!
Thank you so very much for your sweet comment on my blog. Now, I guess, I must confess... I have been secretly reading your blog for quite some time! I too found your link on Joy's blog, and I did remember you from Bethel.
Your daughter is soooo cute!! I don't know if I have ever seen a baby smile so much. I just want to squeeze her adorable cheeks. :)
I really love reading your blog and seeing your pictures... and now I don't even have to "hide." :)
Thank you again!
Happy Blogging,
Danielle Buckle

Joy said...

What the heck? My friends are secretly meeting behind my blogger back???? ha! :)
Loved this post Mindy! What movie did you guys watch?
Will you have time to get together at the beginning of August? Maybe on a Saturday? I want to see Cora! I can see you too.. I guess... ha!