Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fish and Wii

This past Thursday Cora attended her first fish fry! Grandpa Danner has a friend who goes down to Lake Okeechobee in Florida each winter and fishes. He then comes home and has a fish fry for some friends. Luckily we have connections since he is Grandpa's friend. The fish is so yummy and the fellowship so refreshing. We met at my aunt's house which is just down the road from Grandpa's house.

After we were all stuffed, we headed back to my aunt and uncle's new second home. Ha! They had a small cabin put back in their woods. It is so cute. Aunt Sharon has it all decked out. It's a 4' by 6' foot cabin. It has a loft above the little porch. Her grandkids are enjoying it as are many others. They have spent the night back there many times now. Uncle Jim had a campfire going when we all got back there. It was such a beautiful night, nice and cool. Cora loved watching the fire. She fell asleep listening to us sing hymns, the guitar, and to some rain pitter pattering on the leaves overhead. It was such a fun evening...Grandpa and Daddy had fun showing Cora off to everyone.

My parents have some dear friends who were with us that evening. They are so faithful in visiting Mom and bringing meals over. They rarely just drop food off and leave. They always stay for the evening and eat dinner with Dad. I am so thankful for their enduring faithfulness over these many years. Joanne is the one who stayed with Mom while I was in labor so Dad could come see us and after Cora was born so he could be there for her first few moments. Leonard is enthralled by Cora. Each time we see him, he comments, "There's something wrong with that kid. She never cries! She's always smiling." :) After she was born, he was telling everyone what a beautiful baby Cora was. You would have to know him, to understand the significance of this! He is a pretty quiet guy, with a very dry sense of humor. Cora seems to have wound herself around his finger too.

On Friday we had a nice surprise. Due to Kevin's new schedule at work, we don't get to hang out with any friends on the weekend. We have some good friends that we hadn't been all together as familes with since spring. Shannon brought her kids over in the afternoon to see us. Her kids adore Cora. It's so funny. They get VERY excited when they see her and request to hold her, feed her, help her walk and so on. After work, her husband came over and Kevin called to say he was getting off early and would be home sooner than we ended up being able to all be together for a while. It was so nice.

Kevin, Mike and Shannon all grew up together and were best buddies in high school. I have to say that I was nervous about ruining their threesome when I married Kevin. After many years of long distance friendship, they ended up living only 20 minutes away from us a few years back. Their little girl was just a toddler when they moved here and now she is so big! And their son is going to be in kindergarten!

Where do the years go? (They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!! That means we'll be doing that next year! Oh my word!!!) We have remained good friends over the years. God has seen us all through some rough times and blessed us in so many ways.

So anyways...we got to spend our evening together, which has become a rare thing. They brought their Wii game system which provided alot of fun and many laughs! They have quite a future tennis star on their hands with their son!!!

So those are some fun things that we got to do the past couple of days. Now we are getting ready for another great week! Our good friends from Texas are coming to spend a few days at our house. I am so excited because we will get to meet their precious son for the first time! After that Kevin's brother, sister and their families will be here for a few days. It will be so fun to have us all together. We are praying for good health for everyone. If you've been a faithful reader of our blog, you will remember that our Christmas get together was an unhealthy event. It's almost humorous now! We were all dropping like flies. So we are praying that everyone is healthy and can make it. Then after the family takes off, our friend who is a missionary in Russia will be staying with us for a few days! That means that when all our visitors are gone, there will only be a few more days of July!!!!! AUGHHHHHHH!!!! Where did the summer go? More means that Coralynn Marie will be turning 1!!!! July 28 is the big day! I can't even go there yet. (My friend was saying that we must tell our kids' age in months not years the first couple of years for moms' sanity! It's easier to say, "She is 16 months old, rather than 1 year and 4 months. Haha! It sounds better to a mom's mind.)

Speaking of family...Dobbie and Papa are on vacation! They went to the Smokey Mountains and are driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway today. We miss them so much. We've gotten used to dropping in out there to visit. They are on their way home today though! They had fun and needed the time away. Cora misses her head butting buddy and her carmel pudding giver.

Oh...Cora is saying, "Papapapapapa..." now when she is with her grandpas! It's so cute!!!! She started the other night when we were visiting Dobbie and Papa. Then she did it with Grandpa too. I guess Grandpa is too hard to say yet. Haha! I used to call my dad, "Gigi." Maybe I should teach that to Cora. But come on....she has to get "Mamamama" down yet. What's the deal with that? 36 hours of labor and no pain medicine....doesn't that deserve, "Mamamama?"

I have rambled enough. I am putting off cleaning. You can write your name in the dust on our piano again. Oh well!

Have I mentioned lately that I love being a Mama?

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shannonfay said...

Our kids are so doggone cute! I love the picture of you and Madeline...she is so proud of her artwork =)