Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Cousins are Coming!

The day that our Texan friends left, Cora's cousins came. They stayed out at the cabin with Dobbie and Papa. They were here from Thursday evening thru Sunday morning. We had so much fun with everyone. This was the first time Cora was with all of them. We have seen the individual families but everyone hasn't been together since last year when they threw a baby shower for unborn Cora. She was fascinated with all of the activity. We have discovered even more through our visits this past week, that Cora sits back and takes things in. She seems very serious at first and checks everything and everyone out. Once her trust is earned, smiles and giggles errupt. (Sorry Daddy! That's a Mommy trait! I still tend to be like that a little.)

Thursday we visited with the family and caught up since they all had just arrived. Daddy's brother, his wife and 4 kids came along with Daddy's sister and her 3 girls. Cora has 7 cousins ranging in age from 13 to 20 months. The cousins love being together and the cabin provided great fun for them. The older cousins swam in the pond, played games, chased chickens, searched for chicken eggs, played with Dobbie and Papa's dog Shiloh and many more fun things. Rarely do they get upset with each other and rarely do we see them as they are off on an adventure. Great memories are created!

Friday after lunch, we all headed to the local zoo. The kids had fun running from exhibit to exhibit. We got to hear the lion roar! That was a bit frightening. They got up close and personal with a peacock and some pygmy goats. Cora enjoyed being pushed around in her stroller and found the cousins more fascinating than most of the animals! She did enjoy watching the fish and geese. At the camel exhibit, the cousins were all watching the lazy camel and talking about his humps, when some squirrels went running across the fence. They squealed with delight, "Look! Squirrels!!!!!" Kids are easy to entertain!

After the zoo, we headed over to the park that is near the zoo. When we got there, the ice cream truck was strategically parked in front of the entrance, blaring, "Pop Goes the Weasel!" After fishing for money from the adults, one of the cousins said, "I have $10!" She bought ice cream for the older cousins with her money. I thought that was pretty cool of her. After ice cream, they chased each other around playing hide and seek. Cora got to swing and was delighted about this. She also watched the cousins running around and swinging. Later that night we ate pizza and sat around and talked at the cabin. What a fun day together. The worst part of the day was that Daddy had to work. We sent pics via our cell phones so he could see what we were up to. He's such a good sport!

There will be more pics from our day together on Saturday...probably later on today!


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Steve said...

Mindy, I love it! Thankyou for documenting our weekend together. It was so great to see you all! Love the pics of Andrew and the little girl cousins. So sweet!