Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Celebrating with Mommy and Daddy

Last night Kev and I took Cora out to celebrate her birthday together. We started the evening off with supper at Applebee's. Cora got a pretty pink balloon and thought that was the best thing ever. She played with it anytime we were in the car, squealing with delight or babbling away to it.

After supper we headed to Coldstone Creamery to use Cora's birthday coupon. She was nice enough to share her free yummy sundae with me. What a thoughtful little girl we have.

After getting sugar highs from our ice cream, we took Cora to the Notre Dame campus and walked around. We just kind of ended up there. It really is a beautiful campus. We walked through the Sacred Heart Basilica and amazingly, Cora was nice and quiet. Then we found the pond and saw many ducks, geese, and swans. Cora thought they were pretty funny to watch and giggled away.

We took some cute pics of our little one year old among the flowers on the campus. We sure think she is a cutie pie!

Daddy thought it would be fun to run through the sprinkler with Cora as we walked back to our car. Cora got pretty wet and as you can see below, thought it was pretty fun.

Cora played with her balloon most of the way home before falling asleep, while Daddy and I sipped on Starbucks. After getting home Cora was awake enough to open her birthday presents from us. My favorite thing that we gave her was the LeapFrog Magnetic Farm Animal Set. I think it is so cute and it is magnetic so it will be a fun toy to keep on the refridgerator.

We also started a birthday tradition with her. Each year we will give her a special hardcover book that we will write a special note inside, then someday she'll have a special collection for her own children. We had gotten the book God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergen for Cora before she was born. It is a wonderful book and still makes me cry. This year I found another special book, On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman.

Cora did a great job opening her gifts. We were both a bit shocked. She knew to pull the paper until she could get to whatever was inside.

Today Cora and I visited Grandpa and Grandma. Cora got to "help" Grandpa and I snip green beans. She had fun playing with the beans and chewing on them. Too funny!



Nabeel said...

awwww, a pink balloon .. the dad looks happy .. smile's coming from the heart.

Joy said...

"You made a match, look what you found, you made a match, hear a PIG sound" OINK OINK!
Dawson got that for his 1st birthday too! It's too funny when you don't get the animals right. "A sheep duck?" "That's silly!"
I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I promise. I have had the craziest busiest week at work since being back from colorado. I DO want to get together so I'll be calling you this weekend. I was thinking maybe next Friday???? I'll call.
Love you much!!