Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Girl

Cora's first birthday was yesterday. She's one now. It's crazy to us. Daddy had to work on Cora's birthday so Dobbie and Papa took us to Grandma and Grandpa's. We brought pizza with us and had a fun evening together. Grandpa and Papa had lots to talk about between gyrocopters, cars, and mechanical things.

I delved back into my cake decorating days. I took cake decorating when I was in 4-H and enjoyed it. My mom was an avid cake decorator. I have fond memories of cakes and frosting strewn all over the kitchen especially during the graduation season. So somewhere within me, there is a cake decorator. I found these cute chick cupcakes on the Wilton website. I think they turned out pretty cute especially since it was my first time in many years. It really is fun to do. I felt a great sense of pride to have made them on my own.

Cora was very eager to test them out. She had seen them and wouldn't leave us alone until we let her dig into one. She once again completely enjoyed herself while eating up the cupcake.

Cora wasn't too sure what to think about opening her own gifts. She did pretty well. Dobbie and Papa got her a fun new addition for her Fisher Price Circus Train (which Daddy and I had gotten her for Christmas), a pretty outfit for fall, and a very cute 5 Silly Monkeys book with hand puppet. Grandpa and Grandma got her a cute denim hat (we'll have to learn how to keep hats on our head first!) and her own princess chair. She loved everything. We think she liked how soft the chair was because she kept putting her head on the seat.

Cora is in her diaper because I didn't want frosting and cake smeared into her pretty birthday dress so we took it off. We just never got her back into it. Oh well...who can resist a baby in a diaper! Too cute!

Cora and I had a date this evening. Daddy is at work again today so we were on our own. We took a nice afternoon nap, then headed to the local park. I took some pics of Cora in her pretty dress. We took a walk along the River Walkway and enjoyed the beautiful evening. After our walk we spread out a blanket under a shade tree and played, ate Cheerios, and pulled up grass. Then Cora and I went out to eat together for supper. There were two elderly women sitting near us. It was fun to watch Cora interact with them. They loved it. After supper we came home and enjoyed some time together before bedtime. It was a fun evening with my 1 year-old.

Tomorrow Daddy and I will celebrate Cora's birthday together and give her the things we got for her.



shannonfay said...

She's so beautiful Mindy Lu! We definitely have to get together this week. Thursday should work for us, but I think Madeline has a soccer game that night too. Can't wait to see my favorite one year old!!! =)

mary said...

She is gorgeous and what lovely photos you took. Thanks for the link on your blog. I can't wait to check out more from the Flick Family.