Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Things at the Recording Workshop are going well. They're throwing all kinds of information at us, with nightly reading assigments. By monday we'll be recording bands, which means we'll be in the studios for 6+ hours a day till school is over.

Mindy and I have been trading text messages, photos, and videos over the cell to stay in touch. I'm really missing her and Cora, as nothing can replace being with someone in person. But we're pushing through.

I want to clarify something that I blogged before I left that could be misunderstood (it was 3am when I wrote it). When I wrote about not wearing Christ on your sleeve, I wasn't meaning that I didn't want to be "salt and light." I was thinking about the way we, as Christians, confuse what being a Christian is with taking on the "Christian subculture" appearance. I think we add stipulations that don't matter, and put weight on those things... and allowing that to define our faith. Take Christian music for example. The subculture sometimes claim that God has ordained a music industry, and suddenly it's a sin to listen to anything else. Another example is a confusion about how you put your faith in actions.

My passion is to live it through my actions and allowing it to speak for itself. By showing love and taking a sincere interest in people around me is much more powerful than wearing a Christian shirt. So my focus is to get to know people in the music industry and when God brings the right opportunities to take it past the genuine actions and share through words.

Just wanted to get that off my mind.

Back to reading and then to lecture.

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