Friday, June 01, 2007

Recording School

I will be heading out in the morning to attend the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. I'll be there for 5 weeks, learning about recording techniques, sound elements, analog and digital recording, music business, studio upkeep, and more. It's everything I've been messing with for the past 10 years, so it'll be good to have formal training.

When I'm done with the school I'll be ready to pursue a career in producing and sound engineering. The school has an 80% job placement record, and has a great reputation in the music industry.

To say that it'll be tough to be away from Mindy and Cora is an understatement. I'll miss my family immensely. Thanks to cell phones that take digital photos and videos, we'll be able to stay connected. But we'd rather do this while Cora is an infant than wait... seeing that this ultimately is for the family.

I'm excited about the coming changes, though I know it won't be easy. When I was eight years old I heard God's call to be a missionary. It's taken 20 years to realize that my "mission field" is the music industry. I've always wanted to have a formal "ministry", but the more I get involved in the music industry (recording bands or working on Puddlegum), the more I realize that it's simply about building relationships. Through those releationships come opportunities to talk about life.

I don't have to wear Christ on my sleeve, or even announce, "Hey! I'm a Christian!", cause that doesn't work in the music industry (and I don't believe in the Christian music industry anymore). It's about being meek and genuine, and allowing the Spirit to move in relationships.

On a side note, I'm also excited to go to Chillicothe, Ohio. Tecumseh was born in the area, and it was the political caplital of the Shawnee tribe for 30 years before the whites stole their land. I'm excited about doing a little site seeing, and maybe taking the family to see the Tecumseh outdoor play. I've read about the Shawnee off and on since I was 12, and the history of Ohio intrigues me; maybe it's because my family roots were the early settlers of Ohio?

Anyways... all the prayer support is welcomed.

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