Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Pics

Daddy's home so I get to make a blog the way I am used to making them. Yeah!!!! :) Cora has had a busy week. Both Papa and Grandpa put up swings for her at their homes this week. They were obviously on the same wave length. Haha! She's gotten alot of swinging in this week which she loves. She still giggles and squeals when she is swinging.

She also did alot of porch swinging with Papa and Dobbie.

Cora also started climbing this week! She figured out that if she climbs up on her toys that are beneath the window, she can open and close our window shutters and peek outside. It also helps her reach the cat who is sometimes on the chair in front of our window.

On Tuesday Cora had her first swimming experience. Our friends have a small pool in their backyard for their kids and they invited Cora and I over to swim. Last year I had found this very cute bathing suit for our baby at a garage sale and it fit her this year. It is so cute on that little body. Aunt Leah also let us borrow a cute bathing suit cover-up so she was all set. She was very curious about this big bath tub in the yard but not so much when we put her in it. We put her in a little baby boat and she immediately let us know that she was not keen about this new experience. Being the good Mom that I am, I got in with her and held her, but that wasn't acceptable either. So we sat on the sidelines and enjoyed a motorized Nemo fish that blew bubbles at us. Here are pictures of our little swimmer.

And here she is expressing her feelings about swimming.

Later on that day, we put Cora on the trampoline which is surrounded by a safety net (and I never left her side). She thought this was the best thing since sliced bread although she doesn't really know about sliced bread yet. She would walk around the trampoline, holding on to the net and sort of bounce. She giggled and giggled! The funniest thing was she would fall forward with her face into the net and it would scrunch her nose up like those little dogs with pushed up noses. She found that this got quite a laugh out of the adults and did it a few more times. Here are our trampoline photos.

Here are some more pics with Cora and Dobbie, Papa, and Grandpa.

(The rocking chair that Cora is sitting in was given to her Uncle Scott by her great grandfather.)

It's Daddy's first Father's Day as a Daddy, well at least his first that he can hold his baby. Last year we were pregnant with Cora so technically this is his second one. :) Daddy was home so that we could celebrate with him. Cora and Mommy picked out a new computer bag for him which we gave to him as soon as he got home. The one he had was getting pretty ratty so we thought that would be a perfect gift as he always has his computer with him. Cora also got him a very nice card! It was so nice to have Daddy with us today! Cora giggled and squealed when she saw him. That was the best gift he got, I think.

Dobbie had us over for a yummy meal and to catch up with Daddy. Here is the crew giving Papa his Father's Day gift and card.

So that is where we are at right now. Cora is babbling more and more each day. On Wednesday she bumped her head at my parent's house. Grandpa picked her up to console her and she cried out, "Mahhhhm!" We both looked at each other and said, "I think she just said Mom!" She's been babbling "Dadadada," for a while now, so I feel better. She also is cruising much more confidently around furniture and stable objects. She gets too confident and completely lets go only to fall on her bottom. It's coming soon!!!!! Take your time baby!

Yesterday Cora discovered that she can clap her hands on her own. It is very cute and she gets all excited. She is pretty proud of herself. Papa is teaching her to put her index finger to his index finger (like in E.T.). He tells her, "Let's do fingers, Cora." After a good day of teaching her to do this, Cora and I were packing up to go home and I said to Cora, "Ok, Cora, give Papa the finger." After a bit of thought regarding this statement, I realized that was not what I meant! We all broke down laughing which even led to some tears! Too funny! So now Papa says, "Let's do digits!" :)

And the stinky cat has given my baby girl a big scratch on her arm, so now we are thinking he will get declawed. He has been really good with her so far but Mama won't put up with that! We'll keep you posted on that.


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Joy said...

I don't know what it is about your blogs but you make me cry! I laugh, then I cry. I really miss you! I'm ready for you to come when you can. The house is all finished with paint but we still need decorations. We painted "Mindy" on our ceiling just for you".
By the way, what is the name of the recording school Flick is at? Jason's cousin Gib lives in Ohio and he went to a recording school in Florida. We're all the same age. They should hook up!