Thursday, June 07, 2007

Busy, Busy!

Cora and Mommy have been very busy. She is getting busier and busier as she discovers the world of mobility. She is cruising around everywhere. She has discovered the toilet. I have grabbed her twice now in disgust and washed her hands after finding her playing in the toilet water. :) I also have been keeping the bathrooms cleaned just in case you were wondering. Haha!

Last week we attended a goodbye party for our friends the Gailey's who are moving to Michigan. It was a yummy dessert buffet. Cora had her first taste of cheesecake which she thought it was really good! She had fun showing off her crawling skills and cruising efforts.

On Saturday Cora and I attended a dance recital from our local dance studio. Many of my preschool girls from this past year were in the recital. It was too precious. They dressed up in cute litle Shirley Temple outfits and danced to her songs. It was so cute! Cora liked the music but we did not make it to the end of the recital and had to leave during the intermission.

Sunday we stayed with Grandma Danner so Grandpa could go to an open house for a boy from his church. Cora's Great Aunt Patty (Grandpa's sister) stopped by to bring Grandpa a cherry pie. It was so good to see her again. My parent's friends Jack and Gerry stopped by to visit too. It was such a nice afternoon of catching up with friends and family. Cora took a sweet little nap on Jack's lap and he fell asleep too. It was so precious!

On Tuesday Cora stayed with Dobbie and Papa because Mommy had a meeting. (Thank you so much Dobbie and Papa!) Cora had so much fun with them. They have neighbors who own horses so Cora got to see the pretty horses. She also took her afternoon nap in her exersaucer. So cute! It's amazing that babies do not get sore necks from the crazy sleeping positions. She had so much fun spending the evening with Dobbie and Papa. We are so grateful that Dobbie is feeling better. She was pretty sick over the weekend. We miss our time with Dobbie when she or one of us is not feeling well.

Cora is in love with strawberries these days! Grandpa Danner has a small strawberry patch that is putting out quite a bit of strawberries these days. Cora loves them and makes quite a cute mess when eating them. Here she is with red stained hands and face.


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