Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ten Steps for Taking A Nap

According to the easycalculation.com age calculator, Cora has lived 408,900+ minutes. She has used that time wisely and has learned to crawl, speak a few syllables, and wave her hand. She has accomplished more over the course of this time than the House and Senate combined. In fact, she's crawling out of the room (and my sight) as I write this blog! Exploration is on her mind more each day.

During the 6,800+ minutes that she has lived (post birth), she has taken a number of naps. If she has taken three naps a day (that's a conservative guess), then she's taken 852 naps in the 284 days she has been able to nap in her crib.

Cora and I have established a pattern, a ten step process, of how to lay down for these naps without shedding too many tears. If we skip any of these steps, Cora will have a difficult time falling asleep.

Here's how it works:

  1. Cora gets a little cranky when she's playing and nothing keeps her attention. Her toys become mere objects to throw on the ground.
  2. She sticks her thumb in her mouth and sometimes lays her head on the floor.
  3. Daddy picks her up and she lays her head against my chest with her thumb in her mouth.
  4. We walk slowly up the stairs and into her bedroom.
  5. Daddy stands beside the crib, while Cora looks at the crib and realizes that she's about to lay down.
  6. Cora usually says something at this point, which translates into, "Daddy, I'm not sure about this."
  7. She lays her head back against my chest and sucks on her thumb for a few minutes while daddy rocks back and forth.
  8. When Cora is ready to lay down, she leans back towards the crib and looks up at the ceiling.
  9. At this cue, daddy lowers her into the crib and covers Cora with a blanket.
  10. Cora quietly falls asleep with her stuffed pink pig, Boynton, laying beside her.
While I was writing this blog, I went out to the kitchen to make coffee (a ritual in our house). Cora wandered out to the kitchen and sat in the doorway, essentially saying, "I'm hungry dad!" We will be blocking the basement stairs today with the baby gate!

p.s. The doctor is going to look at Mindy's back today. She's able to get around now, but we want to make sure things are better. She still can't lift the baby.

- daddy

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Phoebe said...

Is Cora already 9 this year? :) Time flies so fast!

I use this Age Calculator for my son to check his age by minutes and seconds. :)