Saturday, May 19, 2007


It's the weekend, I must blog! I just don't have time to write during the week, so on the weekends I relish in catching up.

Last night Cora and I visited with Dobbie and Papa while Daddy was at work. They spent alot of time in the past few summers landscaping around the cabin. Their hard work is paying off this spring as things are coming up and blooming. Dobbie has a beautiful flower garden around the entrance to the cabin. Last night when we were walking up, I smelled the most beautiful scent (second only to my baby), and immediately stopped. Somewhere among her flowers and bushes was a Lilac bush! I turned around and was greeted by the exquisite sight of Lilacs! I was filled with glee as my senses took in the beauty of the Lord's creation. I shared the experience with Cora as this was her first Lilac encounter. Now I only used 3 of my senses to take in the Lilac; sight, smell, touch.

Cora used all 5 senses!

She saw the Lilac.
She smelled the Lilac.
She touched the Lilac.
She tasted the Lilac.
She heard Mommy, "Don't eat the Lilac!"

As I downloaded the Lilac pictures this morning, I noticed that I had made a faux pas in the pictures. I was so enamored by Cora with the Lilacs that I failed to realize that there was a wheelbarrow full of trash strategically placed behind her. All of the pictures looked like the one below. I edited them all so that I could remove this object from my pictures! Instead my pictures would be titled, "Cora with the Lilacs and Trash." I am brainless sometimes.


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